Mark Tucker
founder of
Healing Heart Productions

When my twin brother Dean and I created our first show years ago, neither one of us had any idea how long it would last, or how far we would go with it. Both Dean and I recognized the power inherent in combining heart-centered music, with beautiful photography. As Dean and I prepared to venture out into the world with our new work, and the company Awakening Heart Productions, the words of Christopher Morley, "in every person's heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibration of beauty" reflected our hopes about how our presentations would be received. What began for us as a path of spiritual service, has lasted for 17 years. The last two years have spawned a supportive separation due to lifestyle differences between us, and the birth of my own audio/visual company, Healing Heart Productions. A year after I moved to my current home in Ithaca NY, I stepped through my fears, listened to my heart, and stretched into the "unknown." Just as Dean and I had done 15 years before, I created my first presentation for my new company. Although the format of my first production, "Streams of Light," follows the same pattern as those of Awakening Heart Productions, I found the music that accompanies my photographs to be especially compassionate and inspirational. The live audio/visual presentation, and the matching video of "Streams of Light" are designed to be heart-opening and spritually renewing. The exquisite compilation of vocal artists that comprise the soundtrack add a dimension of beauty that enhances the healing power of "Streams of Light." I am so moved by the spirit that is evident in their songs that I would consider it a significant accomplishment if I were able to expose as many people as possible to the artistry of the talented musicians featured on "Streams of Light." Likewise, as my "creative child," the live presentation and the matching video of "Streams of Light" represent the consummation of my 25 years as a photographer, and my last 2 years of extensive work in creating it. I am thrilled that the live presentation of "Streams of Light" has touched so many hearts and the video is touching so many lives.

The Five Points of Power

1.Pay Attention : Be conscious and awake about the things going on around you. When you're trapped (unconscoius) in your history, doing things in the same old way, you miss the opportunities available to you.
2.Keep Your Agreements : One of the causes of an enormous amount of suffering is the way we break agreements. The costs are trust, self-esteem, dignity, relationships, and success. Don't make them if you are not going to keep them.
3.Be Accountable : What you are accountable for is your own experience; no one else can be. We are not responsible for what other people say or do, but we are accountable for how we set things up. Notice that every time your life was screwed up, you were present.
4.Speak The Truth :Not part of it, all of it. Every time you speak the truth about what's going on with you, a little more peacefulness drops into your life..."and the truth shall set you free".
5.Ask For What You Want : If you don't ask, you'll never recieve. No! does not mean that people reject you. They are simply declining your request.
In Gratitude
I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you for your support. It has allowed me to share my self and artistry for the past 17 years. To all the voices of wisdom that have spoken to me along the way, to all the hands of kindness and support that have helped guide me along the way, and to all the hundreds of thousands of hearts and souls who have taken the time to resonate in loving spirit with me on my journey, thank you.
You fill me with a gratitude and a grace that I cannot express adequately with words. In you I have felt the presence and have seen the face of God.

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