Born and raised in Terre Haute, Indiana, started formal musical studies as a drummer. At the age of ten he began playing the cello. Along with classical studies on the cello, he studied trombone and also played guitar and piano. Throughout his teenage years, Hank played in orchestras, concert bands, jazz ensembles, and rock and soul groups.

During the early eighties, he and his family settled near New YorkCity, where he became an active part of the music community there. He moved to Ithaca, NY in the late eighties. Hank has toured extensively throughtout Europe, the U.S., Canada and Japan, and was twice recognized in DOWNBEAT’S International’s Critics’ Poll.

His approach to writing and performing music embraces a wide range of musical styles. Afrocentric Musics, lyrical Folk-Rock, R & B, Classical music, and a passion for spontaneous improvisation are all important elements of the music he plays. Hank loves the cross-cultural, soul-language dance with the cello and voice, as well as the feeling of transformation, revelation and the instant realization and enactment of ideas. Hank’s active involvement in The Ithaca music community also helps to form a big part of his musical work/direction. He recently has begun to work with Itown Records, and plans to release his first CD on that label mid summer 2001. Hank has played with a wide variety of artists including Bill Frisell, John Brown’s Body, Sim Redmond Band, Plastic Nebraska, Andy Summers, David Sanborn, The Second Hand, Jenny Stearns, Tiger Okoshi, Mer Boel, Arcado String Trio, Cologne Radio Orchestra, Ti-Ti Chickapea with Richie Stearns and Eric Aceto, Arcado String Trio, Chiron Performing Arts Ensemble, Martin Simpson, Tim Berne, Joey Baron, Peter Dodge, The Burns Sisters, Johnny Dowd, and Kevin Kinsella.