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This is a list of what we will have in stock, and some short descriptions of each plant.


APPLE, Semi-dwarf

Baldwin: Ripens 10/15 Old time variety, Large red good keeper, for cider, fresh and cooking

Cortland: Ripens 9/20 Heavy producer, red/green, fresh, pies or sauce

Criterion: Ripens 10/15 Looks like Red/Yellow Delicious, multi-purpose, excellent keeper, russet resistant

Delicious, Gold Spur (*): Ripens 9/30 Self fertile, excellent pollinator. Long bearing season. Excellent fresh, cider, sauce

Delicious, Red Bisbee: Ripens 10/5 The prettiest red apple. Mild flavor and medium size.

Empire: Ripens 10/20 Dark red excellent tasting, turns red a week before ripe

Freedom: Ripens 10/1 Disease resistant, flesh is crisp, juicy .Good for juice, cider, or eating fresh.


Golden Russett: Ripens 11/1 The cider apple, long storage life, flesh is fine grained, crisp a late variety.

Granny Smith: (*) Ripens 11/15 Very late green apple, flesh is hard, crisp and juicy. Tart Flavor

IdaRed: Ripens 10/5 Heavy yield, large bright red fruit. Flesh is firm, crisp and juicy; an all purpose variety

Jonamac: Ripens 9/15 Jonathan/McIntosh cross. Milder than Mac, medium sized fruit.



Liberty: Ripens 9/20 A new disease resistant variety, bears heavily, good for all uses, dark red

Lodi:  Ripens 7/15 Yellow color, tart taste, by far the earliest apple

Macoun: Ripens 9/15 Dark purple red fruit, excellent flavor, heavy biennial bearer

McIntosh, Rogers: Ripens 9/15 Medium sized red fruit, thin skin, spur variety bares more heavily and is stockier

Mutsu/Crispen: Ripens 10/10 Golden color with a red blush, Fruit is firm, juicy and excellent tasting. Needs pollinizer

Northern Spy:  Ripens 11/1 Large, red fruit, very juicy, Stores very well.

Red Fuji # 2: Ripens 11/1 Possibly the best apple yet. Fruit is pinkish red, firm flesh, sweet tart flavor

Roxbury Russet


Stayman's Winesap: Ripens 10/10 Good for cooking or eating. Tart, rich, wine-like flavor. Crisp and firm, dark red

Wealthy:  Ripens 10/1 Red, SUPER hardy, Heavy crop, intro 1860 Resistant to scab, firebilght C/A rust

APRICOT Semi-dwarf:

Harcot:(*) Ripens 7/20 Med. to large size freestone fruit, Excellent flavor. Disease resistant.

Moorpark: Ripens 8/15 Large orange fruit with deep blush, produces


Meteor (*): Ripens 7/15 Genetic dwf large bright red fruit, clear juice,yellow flesh

Montmorency (*) (sold out): Ripens 7/15 The standard large pie cherrt tree, clear juice, yellow flesh

Northstar (*): Ripens 7/25 Genetic dwf, large red fruit, red flesh and red juice.


Bing (Sold out): Ripens 7/1 Very large, black fruit, juicy and sweet.

Black Tartarian: Ripens 6/30 Very early dark medium sized cherry, excellent pollinizer for other cherries

Emperor Francis (Sold out): Ripens 7/10 Red blush on yellow fruit, large and beautiful. Resistant to cracking

Royalton: Ripens 7/10 Resists cracking, large firm black fruit, hardy, good pollinizer.

Kristen (Sold out): Ripens 7/15 Extremely hardy, dark red fruit up to 1" diameter

Napolean: Ripens 7/15 aka Royal Ann, Red blushed large yellow oxheart. Best canner.

Stella (*) (Sold out): Ripens 7/25 Self-fertile, large ox-heart dark red fruit. Good pollinizer

Van (Sold out):Ripens 7/15 Very hardy, heavily annual bearing, sweet, dark fruit

Windsor: Ripens 7/20 Very bud hardy for frost pockets, bears heavily, dark fruit


Elberta (*): Ripens 9/5 Excellent for canning/freezing, large fruit

Hale Haven (*): Ripens 8/15 Large yellow freestone. Flesh is juicy, sweet and firm. Good freez

Red Haven (*): Ripens 8/5 Large, nearly fuzzless, good taste, hangs on tree when ripe

Reliance (*): Ripens 8/15 The most cold hardy peach, freestone, very small pit.

PEAR, Semi-dwarf:

Anjou: Ripens 9/25 Light green skin, flesh is very fine textured with a mild flavor, pollinizer for Bartlett

Bartlett: Ripens 9/5 Medium pyriform fruit, yellow skin. Flesh is smooth, distinctive, and juicy. Fresh or canned

Colette: Ripens 8/20 Sweet, juicy, soft white flesh with no grit. Sets fruit all summer

Red Bartlett: Ripens 9/1 Large lemon yellow fruit,, annual bearing

Seckel: Ripens 9/10 BEST flavor, called sugar pear, small, yellow brown, won't pollinate Bartlett








20th Century: Ripens 8/15 Very juicy, crisp white flesh, compact tree. Use Bartlett for pollinizer.

Shinseiki Ripens 9/25 Medium to large yellow fruit. Mile sweet flavor Tree larger than most asians. Bears 2nd year.

Okusankichi: Ripens 9/25 Large, juicy fruit. Very productive tree.


Green Gauge (*): Ripens9/5 green/yellow fruit with amber flesh. Excellent fresh, cooked, or preserved.

Fellemberg (*): Ripens 9/5 Large, oval, freestone, purple fruit. Sweet delicious flavor.

Stanley (*): Ripens 9/5 The standard plum, purple flesh. Eat fresh, dry as a prune, a.k.a. Italian Prune.


Burbank: Ripens 8/20 Large red/purple fruit, firm and meaty Use Superior as pollinizer

Santa Rosa (*): Ripens 8/1 Red fruit, self fruitful and is an excellent pollinator for other Japaneese plums

Superior: Ripens 8/5 Red fruit, bears young, Very hardy use Burbank as pollinator.


Blue Jay: Ripens 7/15 Fruit holds well, a good 1 pick bush, l large juicy fruit, light annual pruning 15 lbs./ bush

Blue Ray: Ripens 7/18 The standard , Large, firm and bright-blue. 4-6ft tall 15 lbs./bush

Elliott (*):Ripens 9/1 Medium sized tart fruit, holds to bush till ripe, easy to pick, self fruitful.

Nelson: Ripens 7/25 High, 7ft, bush. 15/lbs/bush. 5 ft tall Dark blue

Patriot: Ripens 7/15 Medium 4-6 ft, bush. 15/lbs/bush. Large fruit

Spartan: Ripens 7/15 The largest fruit, very good flavor, upright and open, 4-6 ft

Northsky: Ripens 7/15 Beautiful, low, bush plant 18". Hardy to -40.


Concord: Ripens 9/20 Blue. wine, jelly, or eating fresh. The best all around grape, a must have!

Catawba: Ripens 9/15 Red fruit ,best tasting of reds, hardy and very productive

Niagara (Sold out): Ripens 9/15 White, best known and most productive, very sweet

For 1999:

Blue(Alden, Concord, Worden, Stuben)

Red Caco

White (Cayuga, Golden Muscat, Seneca)


Concord (Sold Out): Ripens 9/25 Blue and sweet, the same as its namesake only seedless

Canadice: Ripens 9/20 Red, sweet, and hardy

Himrod (Sold out): Ripens 9/1 Hardy white, Northern equivalent of Thompson Seedless

FOR 1999:

Blue, Mars Red, Reliance

GRAPE, WINE For 1999:

Blue, Foch

White, Seyval Blanc 5276, Vidal Blanc 256

Red, Baco noir


Consort Black (*): Ripens 8/1

Red Lake (*): Ripens 7/1 Pies, glaces, or jelly . The best red currant


Pixwell (*): Ripens 8/15 Pies, jelly


Brandywine: Ripens 7/20 Gourmet berry, purple and very sweet

Heritage: Ripens 9/15 Prune in late winter, will bear on new wood in the fall

Latham: Ripens 7/15 Standard home variety


Loch Ness: New thornless cultiver released from the Scottish Research Institute. Train like raspberries, semi erect canes. zone 5-b. Excellent flavor, mid to late season.


Catskill: Ripens 6/20 Very large berries, excellent freezer

Honeoye: Ripens 6/20

Sparkle: Ripens 6/25 Late bearing for cold spots, large juicy, very pretty

Ozark Beauty: Ripens Bears all summer and fall till frost. Good for container and colder areas


Adams (*): Ripens 8/15 A clone of a plant found by Wm Adams of Union Springs in the late 1800s. Large fruit. Excellent for pies, jellies and wine.

Golden (*): Ripens 8/15 Gold foliage, red edible fruit

Fernleaf (*): Ripens 8/15 Excellent for pies, jelly, or wine.

ARCTIC KIWI Actinidia arguta: Varieties not confirmed at this time

CRANBERRY Vaccinium macrocarpon: Varieties not confirmed at this time

LINGONBERRY Vaccinium vitis-idaea: Use as an evergreen groundcover. Plentiful white flowers with red/orange fruit in autumn. Use for jams, and pastries.

BUFFALOBERRY Shepherdia argentea: Similar to Russian olive but smaller and tastier orange / red fruit used for making jelly.

CORNELIAN CHERRY Cornus mas: Early April yellow flowers followed by large red fruit in Sept. Excellent for jams, jellies, and wine.

PAPAW Astimina triloba: Custard filled fruit on a landscape tree


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