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GJR Chrstabella Khan
2010 Filly
(Sher Khan AC x Dar Fire Biali)
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GJR Chritsabella Khan by Sher Khan AC, a two time National Top Ten Futurity Colt.
Christabella has the same outgoing, dynamic, ready to hit the in-gate attitude that takes to be a winner!
She is nominated to Scottsdale Signature Futurities and to the AHA Breeders Sweepstakes programs.
She will make an outstanding addition to your show string !

WGA Amadeus - head shot
WGA Amadeus Trail Ride WGA Amadeus walks on trail


GJR Anara
2009 Bay Mare
(Julien BF x Amira Mareekha)
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Anara is a beautiful two year old filly. This straight Egyptian filly is a great performance or halter prospect.


GJR Shreya Suvi
2009 Bay Mare
(Pimlico RCA x Thee Infidel)
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GJR Shreya Suvi (Barn name: Summer) is a cute two year old filly with a great personality. She lunges and goes over and through obstacles.

GJR Shreya Suvi - trotting GJR Shreya Suve - head shot
Video coming soon!


GJR Asils Valentine
2006 Chestnut Mare
(Thee Asil x LWA-Ash Kara)
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Gorgeous, straight Egyptian, liver chestnut filly with blonde mane. Valentine will definitely get you noticed in the show ring.

GJR Asils ValentineGJR Asils Valentine - body shotGJR Asils Valentine - head shot



GJR Obsidian
2009 Black Gelding
(Onyx BF x Brevian Minx)
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One of the largest of our 3 year olds this year, "Dart" has a truly "teddy bear" personality! Very willing, he has a quiet dispostion and is slowly being started under saddle.

GJR Obsidian - head shot GJR Obsidian - body shot


GJR Zeva
2011 Black Mare
(PA Scimitar x OFW Shahme)
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Zeva brings a lot to the table, combining the two great lines of Bey Shah and Magnum Psyche!

GJR Zeva - head shot GJR Zeva - body shot



GJR Double O Seven
2010 Grey Gelding
(Showkayce+ x GJR Dakar Honky Tonk )
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Beautiful and big for his age, "Bond" has the perfect personality for an amateur owner and the quality to be competitive in the show ring! Very personable, very trainable and a real "people" horse!

Bond_1 GJR 007 Trots
Bond - head shot


GJR Shahanna Khan (Tonka)
2011 Grey Filly
(Sher Khan AC x GJR Dakar Honky Tonk)
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"Tonka" is a gem! A darling personality with a great trainable disposition, she's always first to come up to get her halter on to come in for some attention!

GJR Shahana Khan Win Photo GJR 007 Trots
Tonka Head Shot