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Vocational Program    |     Recreational Program  

As one component of the George Jr. Republic vocational program, the focus of WGA Equine is two-fold:

  1. To provide a hands-on environment for teaching the skills of riding and equine management, and
  2. To provide the opportunity to experience the relaxation and joy gained through recreational riding. 

Vocational Program

Depending on their level of interest, students in the WGA vocational program can learn a range of equestrian-related skills including:

  • Basic horse care (feeding, grooming, health, and maintenance)
  • Riding (ground breaking of young horses, English and Western styles of riding)
  • Breeding principals and herd management
  • Facility management

Recreational Program

Students with a more casual affinity for horses (or simply a love of being outdoors) are encouraged to participate in the WGA Equine recreational program, which offers daily rides and — weather permitting — the use beautiful outdoor trails on highly reliable, trail-proven horses.

Rec riding at WGA