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"The Earth laughs in flowers" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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"Hi Amanda,-Just received my plants in PERFECT condition, as always! They're huge and healthy and will make my garden very happy. Thanks!"

At Graceful Gardens we grow cottage garden annual and perennial flowers at wholesale prices. We believe beautiful gardens are a result of a mass of blooms. Therefore, we deliver our plants to you by the tray full at wholesale prices. Each variety is grown in a pack of four. By filling your "tray" with 8 packs of plants, you can create an expanse of vibrant color. Our mission is to provide you with the best opportunity to fill your garden with plentiful blooms and still have money left in your pocket. We offer to you the finest possible start for your garden by delivering healthy vigorous plants at the right time and always at a reasonable cost.


1. Look over our amazing selection of plants!

2. Click on the order form.

3. Fill your "tray" with 8 packs of flowers. This means you can have up to eight different varieties of both annuals or perennials in one tray by mixing and matching.

4. Choose from Delphiniums, Perennials and/or Annuals. You'll get 4 plants in a pack for each variety you choose, for a total of 32 in each tray. Our minimum order is 1 full tray containing 8 packs of plants.


  • Order before March 15, 2009 and receive $5 off your total order!
  • Trays are $64 each.
  • Buy three or more trays, for $59 each and save $15 or more!
  • Collections are also $74 each.

Your price per plant can be as low as 1.84! As customers tell us, it would be hard to start them yourself for any less! Payment can be made by check, money order or Visa/Mastercard. To reserve your plants, payment must be made at the time you order. With the price of gas so high, it's hard to imagine driving around hunting for all the plants you want at the right price. Save yourself the gas and aggravation and let us deliver them to your doorstep. We will even email you when they are coming!

PLACING AN ORDER- Placing an order is easy! There are four possible ways:

1. Web Site- Go to our Secure Order Form and fill out the requested information and press the submit button. Your order will be received by us through our secure server.

2. Mail- Just print out the Secure Order Form fill it out and mail it with your check or credit card number to the address on the form.

3. Phone- Give us a call and have the order ready. If we're not in, you may leave your order on our answering machine or leave your phone number and we will call you back. Our number is (607)-387-5529.

4. Fax- Fill out Secure Order Form and fax it to us. Our fax number is the same as our phone number. Call (607)387-5529. We recommend that after faxing you give us a quick call saying you have done so and leave your phone # to make sure the transmission came through clearly.

SHIPPING DATES- Shipping begins the week of April 6, 2009 and continues through early summer. We will ship your order relative to the sequence it was received and with respect to your general growing season. Please let us know if you have a preferred ship date and we will gladly schedule for that time if ordered early enough. We will e-mail you the expected ship date of your plants. Please mark your calendar. If you are receiving your plants by UPS, you will also receive an e-mail when the plants are shipped along with a tracking number. Since we can't predict if spring will be early or late in your area, we must stay with our prearranged schedule. If plants arrive during a rainy spell or a cool snap, they will remain healthy in their packs. You must keep them sheltered from extreme weather, watered and fed. If you know you will not be in town during any part of our shipping season, then by all means let us know on your order form so we can plan accordingly with you.


SHIPPING AND HANDLING COSTS- Each tray is shipped in its own box and is packed with extraordinary care by us. Plants do not like to be in transit for more than 3 days, so we use the most expedient shipper possible. For most of you, that will be UPS at a cost of $11.95 per tray. For others, we will ship U.S. Priority Mail. Please check the shipping chart on the order form for the charges in your state. We cannot ship outside the continental U.S. or to Alaska. Unlike other mail order businesses, we do not make money on the shipping of our plants. In fact, in recent years we have lost money on shipping, as the carriers continue to raise prices and add fuel surcharges to our costs. We believe the time and gas you save by not running around town looking for these plants and our substantial discounts, will more than pay the shipping. Please be sure your address is correct. Incorrect addresses result in extra charges by the shipping company and delayed shipments. These costs will be passed on to you. Postal box users need to give a physical address for UPS shipments.

GIFT CERTIFICATES Gift Certificate sample

A garden is a wonderful way to celebrate a significant day whether it be a holiday, birthday, wedding or new home. Give the gift of flowers this year! We will send your special someone a redeemable certificate or we can send it to you to give personally.

If you have a special message, we can include that as well. Just add your message to the comments section of the order form. You can choose any amount or the amount of a full tray and shipping and have the certificate state that it is for a "full tray of plants including shipping". If you need to give your gift right away, we can also e-mail the gift certificate. To order, go to our Secure Order Form or call us at 607.387.5529.

PLANT SIZE - Each plant has a root ball measuring 2 1/2" by 2 1/2 ". Nurseries often buy this size plant or smaller and repot them in quart or gallon containers, growing them for an additional four to eight weeks. They are then sold for over five times the original cost. It makes sense to save money and buy directly from the grower. These plants are the perfect transplant size. The root system is robust, ready to spread, and of course very easy to dig a hole for.

SUBSTITUTIONS - Although we try to anticipate the demand for a certain plant, occasionally we run short of a variety or color. It is rare that we substitute and we will make an effort to get in touch with you if we need to. Feel free to give us your suggestions. We suggest you order early for the best selection. Orders are filled and plants reserved in the same sequence that they are received.

E-MAIL - We use your e-mail address if we have questions about your order, to acknowledge ship dates or to relay other important information to you. We do not share this information with anyone.

OUR GUARANTEE - We personally grow and ship every order that leaves our farm. Only plants in vigorous and healthy condition are shipped to you. We take great care in packing your plants and have excellent shipping results. If there is a serious problem please notify us immediately and when necessary we will replace the plants or refund your money. We want you to be satisfied and happy with your plants. It is your responsibility to find the right home for your plants giving them enough water, sun, and nutrients to keep them healthy, to protect them from extreme weather, and to plant them in a timely manner. Once in your garden, any plant can be affected by its environment and we cannot take responsibility for the soil conditions, inclement weather or other forces of nature that may harm your plants.

Our most frequently asked question is simply "How do you make your garden grow?" Truly, the most important factor in gardening is soil preparation. You must prepare your garden soil well! It doesn't matter if you spend $10 or $1 on a plant, neither will do well if you do not plant it in a well prepared site. You must turn the soil over with a spade or tiller at least 10 inches deep. Add lots of compost, rotted manure or peat. The roots need room to grow and spread. They need fertilizer. We use composted chicken manure with great success. You must use quantities of compost if you want to have an impact. You can't just sprinkle a little around the plants and expect "miracle grow" results. If you choose to use a chemical fertilizer, there is still no substitute for good soil preparation.

"Let us have all the flowers we can possibly afford; they are the veritable smiles of nature." Mathews, from Miss Lippincotts garden catalog of 1896
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