2009 Perennial Plant Selection

""Flowers are a necessity of life. They keep us sane in hard times."

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Perennial HollyhockFlowers are a necessity of life. They keep us sane in hard times. Perennials weave the thread of reliability and beauty in the cottage garden. Our choices are based on an abundance of blooms, the ease of growing, and their traditional value in the cottage garden. We find that most will bloom the very first year. We've also added general bloom times for each plant genre. The bloom categories are as follows: Spring, Late Spring/ Early summer, Summer, Summer/Fall. Actual bloom times can vary depending on your zone and seasonal conditions and many plants continue to bloom sporadically through the season. All plants are grown in packs of four. Your price per plant can be as little as $1.84 each! Create a new garden or enhance the old one!

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We are sold out for the 2009 season! Thank you everyone!

Flower Burst Red
ACHILLEA OR YARROW- SOLD OUT! Sun, Zone 3-8, EASY (to grow), Summer. The easiest of all perennials to grow, they are also most versatile. Their colorful umbels bloom over a long period, tolerate drought, and can be cut for fresh or dried bouquets. They are fragrant, attract birds, and repel deer. It's everything we want in a garden plant.

24. Flower Burst Red- A wonderful new blend of vibrant reds, pinks, and violet shades. Achillea is reliable, easy and long blooming; it will brighten most anyone's garden regardless of experience. Plants grow about 2 1/2ft. tall with 2-4 inch umbels and soft foliage.


ALCHEMILLA OR LADY'S MANTLE- SOLD OUT! Shade or Part Sun, Zones 4-7 Irish SilkEASY, Summer. This lovely plant produces sprays of chartreuse flowers that make excellent filler in bouquets. A nice foliage plant, you can't help but notice the way the fan shaped leaves collect the morning dewdrops.


25. Irish Silk- NEW! The vibrant spring green color of this plant will make the shady spots in your garden shine. This plant does well in either shade or sun forming neat 14" mounds of velvety leaves. The flower sprays rise up like a cloud over the foliage in June and July. The stems are stronger for cutting than other varieties.


ALCEA ROSEA OR HOLLYHOCKS- SOLD OUT! Sun, Zone 3-7, EASY, Summer/fall.We see them everywhere in the American landscape; towering clusters of flowers standing alongside barns and homes in the country and city. They are easy Graceful Gardens Hollyhockto grow and self sustaining, bringing much needed color late in the season. In 1888, Dreers garden catalog said this: "It is not surprising that this old-fashioned favorite should again become popular. They are a marvel of hollyhock Peaches and Dreamsbeauty and elegance."

26.Creme de Cassis- Creme de CassisEach raspberry colored blossom is shaped like a ladies petticoat with lighter colored flared edges and deep colored veins. Blossoms can be doubles or singles on the same stem and all have a bright yellow eye. A classic cottage garden plant.

27. Graceful Gardens Mix- We've saved the seeds from our old fashioned single and occasional double flowered hollyhocks choosing from the most vibrant colors of pink, red and deep dark purple. Their long bloom period and prominent stature created a spectacular display next to our home. Summer carnival
queeny purple28. Peaches and Dreams- A stunning cottage garden plant packed with double soft creamy peach flowers with a tinge of raspberry pink. A very hardy and reliable hollyhock.

29. Queeny Purple- A rare violet flowered hollyhock with quilled inner petals and large outer petal. An All-American winner that will bloom the first year. Only 2-3 feet tall.

30. Summer Carnival- These romantic double blooms are in shades of deep crimson, rose, red, yellow, and white,black beauty reach 3 to 5 ft., and attract butterflies. Blooming the first year, they give the effect you want the very first season.

31. Black Beauty- NEW! I've had a number of gardeners ask me to grow this lovely hollyhock and now I know why. It's such a deep dark purple that it almost becomes black and a beautiful contrast to the lighter colored flowers in the garden.


AQUILEGIA OR COLUMBINE- SOLD OUT! Sun or Shade, Zone 3-8, EASY, Spring. Delicate and intricate in design, these exquisite springtime blooms dance high above their mounds of lacy foliage. They are an easy way to bring color to the shady parts of the garden and can bloom well into summer. While deer pass them by, the hummingbirds hover ready to perform their pollinating job.
Aquilegia Legacy32. Legacy Columbine- We remember the people who share something beautiful with us. Flowers in our garden are often the source of that remembrance. A few years back an old college friend admired some beautiful and prolific columbine in a neighbor's garden. She gave him the seed and he began to grow it in his garden. In turn he passed it to us and now we grow it to share with you. The plum colored blossoms reach over 2 feet tall. Collect the seed and share it with your friends, too.

33. McKana Giant Mix-McKanna Giant An ornate, long spurred, jewel of a flower in a festive mix of pink, blue, maroon, red, yellow, rose, and white with contrasting centers. The plants reach 30" tall.

Nora Barlow34. Nora Barlow Mix-These traditional cottage garden columbines now come in a new mix of colors including rose, blue, white, and purple. The plants grow to 2 1/2 ft. bearing fully double spurless flowers with fine clover-like foliage.

CAMPANULA-Sun or Part Shade, Zone 3-8, Late Spring/Early Summer, Summer. SOLD OUT! The versatility of this genus is astounding. The large and small dangling or sometimes upright bells come in shades of blue, pink, and pure white with foliage in a variety of habits. Each species provides something special to our garden. Campanula bloom in the heat of summer, add splashes of color for the rest of the season, and are often the mainstay of the English cottage garden.

35. Bellringers-BellringersClusters of nodding bells in a range of shades from pale pink to a rich burgundy. They bloom profusely all season even in late October with flurries in the air. The pendulous bells have maroon spotted interiors. Grow to 2ft. tall.


Canterbury Bell36. Canterbury Bell Mix- A reseeding biennial with huge cup and saucer bells in blue, pink, or white. A little trickier to grow because they do not tolerate wet soil in the spring, but they are worth the effort so prepare your site well. They provide prodigious amounts of flowers for cutting.


37. Carpatica Dark Blue Clips- The "clip" series are marvelous and durable plants. Their upright 1 1/2" deep blue bells inundate the mounded 8" tall foliage. The Clips are also excellent to edge paths and driveways and bloom the first year.GlomerataBlue Clips


38. Carpatica White Clips- Same as the blue clips but in pure white. The best part about Clips is they bloom all summer!

39. Glomerata- Dense clusters of spectacular violet blue flowers adorn the tips of the 15-18" tall stems. They bloom June through July spreading 1 1/2-- 2 ft. Very easy self sufficient plants, blooming the first year.

C. PersicifoliaPersicifolia blue40. Persicifolia Blue- Large, starry, bell-shaped flowers on 2 1/2 ft. stems over neat and low growing foliage. Long lived and easy to grow, they also make an excellent cut flower.

41. Persicifolia white- SOLD OUT! pure luminescent white star shaped bells on sturdy stems with the same tidy foliage as the above blue.






CentaureaCENTAUREA OR MOUNTAIN BLUET- SOLD OUT! Sun, Zone 3-8, EASY, Late Spring/Early summer. These frilly and flamboyant blue flowers of this perennial cornflower are effortless to grow and are known to repel deer. Sheer them back after the first flush of blooms and be rewarded with more blooms all season.

42. C. Montana- Growing 12" tall and wide with huge corn flower blue blooms. These perennial "bachelor buttons" like sun and good drainage.


CERASTIUM or SNOW IN SUMMER- CerastiumSun, Zones 3-7, SOLD OUT! Summer. Low trailing plants growing to a about 6-8 inches high. Their silver foliage and white blossoms can cover banks or grow neatly around the edge of your garden.

43. Silver Carpet- SOLD OUT!We saw a beautiful example of these plants at our neighbors home where the path to their house was lined on both sides by Cerastium with a backdrop of blue Lavender plants. Both enjoy sun and well drained soil.



CHEIRANTHUS OR WALLFLOWER- Sun, Zones 5-7, Spring.WallflowerThe most fragrant flower we've ever grown. It is much like an Evening scented Stock but hardier. It likes cool temperatures so its peak bloom season is in the spring and early summer and then again in the fall.

44. Fragrant Bedder -SOLD OUT! We've mixed the two most brilliant colors of the bedding type: golden yellow and deep burnt orange. They grow to 1- 1 1/2 ft. tall emitting the most compelling and lovely fragrance.


COREOPSIS-Sun, Zone 3-9, EASY, Late Spring/Early summer. SOLD OUT! These cheery, yellow daisy-like flowers bloom in profusion well above their neat mounds of foliage. So reliable, they are a favorite in our daughter Esperanza's garden.sunfireEarly Sunrise

45. Sunfire- A large flowered coreopsis with single petals and a dark center. Blooms early and in the first year while withstanding the heat of summer.

46. Early Sunrise- Early and long blooming, 18" high plants with 2" semi-double, bright yellow daisies. After the first flush they bloom lightly all summer.


DIANTHUS OR COTTAGE PINKS- Sun or Part Shade, Zone Sweet William3-9, Late Spring/Early summer; Amazing in their diversity, these old fashioned "Pinks" produce a wealth of flowers with a spicy fragrance.

47. Ideal- SOLD OUT!Dianthus IdealThese traditional cottage pinks dapple the garden with just the right amount of color. Painted on delicate fringed petals, their vibrant mix of colors includes carmine, crimson, deep violet, pink, raspberry, rose, violet, cherry, and cherry and violet picotee. They bloom early and continuously all summer and withstand hot spells. These are very beautiful and carefree plants. Grow to about a foot high.

48. Sweet William Tall Double Mix-SOLD OUT! The best cut flower we've ever grown, lasting weeks. Enchanting and Sweet Williamold-fashioned, we've had many people remembering this one from their grandmother's garden! A rich variety of color, these flowers are beautifully marked with pink and red, bicolored and white; appearing in clusters at the end of a 2' stem. They are especially beautiful in combination with Lupines! Zing

49. Zing Rose- SOLD OUT!A profusion of small vibrant rose flowers growing just above a dense green mat. Spreading nicely, they are hardy, easy to grow, and long lived. Beautiful along walkways or in front of the border, they tolerate either shade or sun.


DIGITALIS OR FOXGLOVE- Sun or Shade, Zone 4-8, EASY, Late Spring/Early Summer. SOLD OUT! ExcelsiorDramatic and old-fashioned, these tall majestic plants are the Candy Mtn.heart and soul of cottage gardens.

50. Camelot- Huge tubular bells with speckled throats form lavender rose or cream colored spikes that bloom the first year.

51. Candy Mountain-The upward facing bells allow a clear view deep inside the speckled pink bells. The stems are extra sturdy and packed with florets that often bloom the first year.


Foxy52. Excelsior- This is the traditional Foxglove seen surrounding the thatched cottages of England. Four ft. tall with densely clustered bells in shades of pink with highly visible intricate interior bell markings.

53. Foxy- Shades of pink, purple, and white tubular flowers hang in abundance from these 2-3' tall Foxglove that will bloom reliably the first year.

Mertonensis54. Mertonensis- Splendid strawberry bells in hanging clusters on 2-3 ft. stems.

55. Pam's Choice- SOLD OUT!Clusters of white bells reveal deep maroon throats that speckle at the edge. They grow 3-4 feet high.Primrose Carousal

Pam's Choice56. Primrose Carousal- SOLD OUT!We are happy to grow again an old favorite. This moonlight yellow foxglove is a true perennial, lasting years and years in the garden. It's neat mound of foliage sends up stalks of clustered bells for the late spring garden.




ECHINACEA or PURPLE CONE FLOWER- Sun, Zone 3-9, Summer/fall. A known herbal cold remedy, Echinacea is also a beautiful pink Echinacea  white swan and Primadonnaor white daisy over 4" wide with a dark cone shaped center. The long bloom season is undisturbed by summer's heat and the deer ignore it. After the petals fade, the remaining cone continues to offer an attractive accent to the garden and also serves as food for songbirds. Prairie Splendor

57. Primadonna-SOLD OUT! This prairie beauty was made for the hot dry conditions of summer. Large 5-6" rosy flowers blossom midsummer to fall. Growing to about 3 ft. tall, they develop long lived dense clumps creating a backbone to the cottage garden.

58. White Swan- SOLD OUT! The pure white petals of the bloom are fragrant and attract butterflies and finches very late into the season.

59. Prairie Splendor-NEW!SOLD OUT! In 2007 Prairie Splendor was voted the Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner! Blooms two weeks earlier than most coneflowers providing a longer season for your coneflower bed. Blossoms are extra large with bright rosy petals extWhite Swan w/ Gaillardiaending the blossom to 3-4 inches. Shorter and compact,they grow to 2 ft.

60. Baby White Swan- SOLD OUT! Echinacea is surely a garden favorite for us so we are more than happy to add this award winning (2006 Fleuroselect quality Mark) variety to the possibilities. At 18" tall, it remains compact, well branched with broad horizontal white flowers and golden cones.

ECHINOPS OR GLOBE THISTLE-Echinops Zones 3-8, Sun, Summer. SOLD OUT! A cultivated and unique ornamental thistle, having masses of steel blue globular flowers. The blooms attract butterflies and are excellent cut flowers. They grow to 4 ft. tall with each flower on a long stem.
61. Blue Glow- An improved selection with a more intense strong blue color and more compact habit. Excellent color choice for mid to late summer.
GAILLARDIA OR BLANKET FLOWER- Zones 3-9, Sun, Easy, Summer/fall. SOLD OUT! GaillardiaThe bright gold and burgundy flowers are excellent garden performers through the height of summer. These easy to grow perennials do just as their common name implies: blanket your garden with vibrant color.

Gaillardia62. Arizona Sun- Award winning, thanks to the abundant and huge flowers on a compact plant. Put this in the garden bed or patio pot for vibrant yellow and red all summer through fall. 12" tall.



royal monarch 63. Royal Monarch- SOLD OUT! An excellent border variety producing huge daisy like blossoms all summer reaching 30" high. Flower petals can be burgundy, clear yellow, or rosy red with golden tips and other striking bicolors.



Mrs. BradshawGEUM- Sun or Part shade, Zone 4-8, EASY, Summer. A charming small plant with rose like blossoms as they are in the rose family. Their foliage stays low in neat mounds. Flowering stems are sent up during June and July in our garden.

Lady Stratheden64. Lady Stratheden- SOLD OUT! Radiant double yellow rose shaped blooms flower freely in midsummer.

65. Mrs. Bradshaw- SOLD OUT! A traditional cottage garden plant with semi-double and double 2" glowing red flowers. They grow 11/2 ft tall in our garden.


GYPSOPHILA OR BABYS BREATH- Sun, Zone 3-8, Summer. A cloud of tiny star white flowers bring a delicate balance of soft andSnowflake  Baby's Breath bright to the garden or fresh bouquet. They bloom in July over a long period; stems can be picked in their prime and hung to dry for later use. "Once planted and known, no garden will be without this graceful elegant, and above all beautiful pure white flower. Try it and it will win your love forever." -Salzers garden catalog of 1890.

66. Snowflake- SOLD OUT! Some plants will produce double flowers, some single, but both are extraordinarily dainty and graceful. We've used this variety for years in our fresh and dried bouquets.


HELENIUM- SunAutumn Red and Gold, Zone 3-8, EASY, Summer/fall. There are no better plants for late summer and fall color. Their vivid autumn coloring is just what we look for as the weather cools. Satisfying and easy to grow plants.

67. Autumn Red and Gold- SOLD OUT! The brilliant daisy- like blooms of yellow, red, and mahogany enjoy full sun. The plants get to be about 3 ft. tall.



HELIOPSIS- Sun, Zone 3-9, EASY, Summer/fall .Summer Sun HeliopsisThese perennial sunflowers will provide you with copious amounts of blooms in the garden and for your vase. The yellow double daisy-like flowers grow 3-4 ft. tall on strong stems throughout the summer.
68.Summer Sun- SOLD OUT! These yellow daisies are 3" across and will bloom the first year. Easy to grow giving a strong show throughout the summer.
HEUCHERA OR CORAL BELLS- Sun or Shade, Zone 3-9, Late Spring-FireflySummer. The favorite of hummingbirds, they will spend hours going from one tiny bell to the next. Beautiful plants that are simple to grow with attractive foliage appearing in tidy mounds. Bloom heavily in June and July, and keep sending a few flower stalks up most of the summer.Palace Purple
69. Firefly SOLD OUT! - Vibrant pink-red flowers 20" above evergreen foliage.
70. Palace Purple- SOLD OUT! Large ivy shaped leaves that are mahogany red above, And beet red below. Beautiful for their foliage as well as the sprays of white flowers 12" above.

Ruby Bells71. Ruby Bells- SOLD OUT! Their deep red bells flower abundantly on well branched stems. They have a shorter habit than other coral bells making them excellent for the front of the garden and for edgings where you can also smell their sweet fragrance.

IBERIS or CANDYTUFT- Sun, Zone 3-8, Spring. This is the plant for you if you want to define the edges of your garden, trim the walkway, fill in with a groundcover or start a rock garden. A native of southern Europe, it has found a welcome home across the U.S. where its easy to grow habit makes it a dependable bloomer.
72. Snow White- SOLD OUT! The spreading 6" plants are adorned with a mass of white flowers that blossom in the spring with a sporadic encore of blooms through the season. An added bonus: the deer are repelled by them!
LAVANDULA OR LAVENDER- Sun, Zone 5-7, Summer. SOLD OUT! Who can resist the beautiful perfume of lavender? Their small blue spikes reaMunsteadch high above the foliage. They can be picked and dried in bunches for a fragrant decoration. A well drained sunny location will make them thrive and keep the deer at bay.
73. Blue Scent- With the blooming habit of an annual this fragrant fast growing lavender will be a favorite addition to any sunny garden spot. Grows to 14" with deep purple flowers.Hidcote

74. English Lavender "hidcote"- Midnight blue flowers reaching 1-11/2 ft. tall with a delightful fragrance.

75. English Lavender "Munstead"- A spray of fragrant lilac flowers, 1 ft. high. Excellent for sachets.



LiatrisLIATRIS OR BLAZING STAR- Sun, Zone 3-9, Summer. SOLD OUT! These beautiful feathery spikes make wonderful cut flowers and provide the garden with lots of color from midsummer to late in the season.

76. Floristan Violet- Stately plants with low growing blades of grassy foliage. Rose purple flower stalks rising 2 ft. above. Butterflies eagerly seek them.


LOBELIA OR CARDINAL FLOWER- Zones 5-9, Shade or Sun, Easy, Summer/fall. SOLD OUT! The long tubular blossoms make a hummingbird's delight. Never have we seen such a pure vibrant red as this. Lobelia can tolerate wet conditions and while canoeing we saw many growing wild around a nearby lake and the hummingbirds were feasting.Queen VictoriaGreat Blue

77. Lobelia Fan Blue-A vigorous bloomer with blue tubular flowers growing 2 feet or so tall with a summer long bloom season. A fleuroselect gold medal winner. Zones 6-10.

78. Great Blue- For late summer blue blooms these are the ones to choose. The stems are 2-3 ft. tall and clustered with deep throated flowers that humming- birds love. Grow easily and are adaptable to moist shady areas.

79. Queen Victoria- This old variety from the 1930's has lovely bronze to maroon foliage and complimentary clear scarlet red flowers. They grow easily to 2-3 feet.


LUPINES- Sun, Zone 4-7, EASY, Late Spring/Early summer. A stunning display of torch-shaped blooms give the cottage garden Lupine blueits spirited appearance. Very dependable in our garden, coming up year after year. The deer ignore them while the butterflies and hummingbirds seek them out. The gallery series offers 2ft tall sturdy plants with densely packed spikes.

80. Gallery Blue-
SOLD OUT! Shades of blue with a touch of white.
81. Gallery Pink-SOLD OUT! A nice shade of pink with a dash of white.
82. Gallery Red- SOLD OUT!A vivid red that always brings compliments in our garden.

83. Gallery Mix- SOLD OUT!A random mix of colors.
Russell Red

LYCHNIS OR ROSE CAMPION- Sun, Zone 4-9,Lychnis Easy, Summer. SOLD OUT! These Victorian plants sparkle with magenta flowers and complimentary silvery leaves. Their easy carefree habit encompasses the essence of cottage gardening.

84.L. Coronaria- Rosettes of velvety silver leaves give way to the rising 2 ft. flower stalks that bear simple but vibrant magenta flowers.

MALVA OR MALLOW-Zones 4-8, Sun, EASY, LateMystic Merlin Spring-Summer. Cheery saucer like blooms adorn multibranched stems that reach 2-3 feet tall. These relatives of Hollyhocks are easy to grow, colorful, and free flowering allPurple Satin season.

85. Mystic Merlin- SOLD OUT!A mix of colorful blooms from deep purple to mauve and deep blue. An easy long blooming landscape plant often getting 5 ft. tall.

86. Purple Satin-SOLD OUT! Shimmering and ruffled magenta purple flowers with deeper colored veins blooms early and continuously. Grows to 3 ft.



MONARDA OR BEE BALM-MonardaShade or Sun, Zone 4-9, EASY, Summer. These mint family plants put out a spectacular Panorama Mixdisplay of flowers July through August and are absolutely irresistible to hummingbirds.

87. Panorama Mix- SOLD OUT! Shades of scarlet, red, pink, and salmon with highly fragrant foliage.

88. Red Shades- SOLD OUT! Selected for their vibrant red colors and resistance to powdery mildew.


NEPETA OR CATMINT- Sun, Zone 3-8, EASY, Late Spring/Early summer. NepetaNot to be confused with catnip, this beautiful Nepetaornamental mint is long blooming, with blue flowers. Blooms appear June and July with a second flush in August spreading along the edges of the garden. It thrives in hot and dry conditions.

89. Blue Carpet- Deep violet blue flowers, arising 10" above low growing and small minty leaves that deer dislike.


PAPAVER ORIENTALIS OR POPPIES- SOLD OUT! Sun, Zone 3-7, Spring through Late Spring/Early summer. Stunning in size and brilliance of color, poppies will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Tuck in the back of the border as theGreat Red foliage will temporarily disappear in summer.

90. Poppy Coral ReefCoral Reef- Large coral pink blossoms with shimmering mahogany centers. The 30" tall plants often flower the first year.

91. Great Red- Spectacular classic red Poppies that display 8 inch flowers with black centers and tissue paper petals. They stand 4 ft. tall.

92. Pizzicato- The best new semi dwarf variety and winner of the 1995 Fleuroselect Gold Medal. Flowers range from 6-8" across on sturdy 2 ft. stems that hold up even in windy conditions. Prolific with a colorPrincess Victoria Louise range that includes pale pink to rose, salmon, and scarlet; all with black centers.

93. Princess Victoria Louise- This is a beautiful and much sought after deep salmon color with large papery blooms. Grow to 3 ft tall.Pizzicato






PENSTEMON or BEARDED TONGUE- SOLD OUT! Sun or Part Shade, Zone 4-8. These colorful snapdragon-like flowers bloom all summer with the greatest profusion in June. Vaughns garden catalog of 1891 says, "Perhaps no class of plants are so valuable for producing a mass of bloom during the summer months as these. So grand are they in fact, when massed in beds and border that no words can adequately express their magnificence." They attract hummingbirds and songbirds, help repel deer, and make a great cut flower.

94. Mystica-Deep maroon leaves hightlight this plant while sprays of white flowers emerge from thin slender stalks in the middle.
95. Rondo- At 15" keep these plants close to the front of the border where you can enjoy their many wonderful shades of pink, purple, carmine, and rose bells.

PEROVSKIA- Sun, Zones 5-9. There is no tougher plant out there with the beauty to match.Russian Sage With scented leaves and airy blue flowers, the provide a long season of bloom in the hottest time of the summer.

96.Russian Sage- NEW! SOLD OUT! Plant as a group or border in the hot spots of your flower patch and keep the garden color coming. The light blue spikes work well with all the colors of your garden. They grow to about 3 feet and a spread of 2 feet. They are drought tolerant and deer resistant.

PHYSOTEGIA OR OBEDIENT PLANT- PhysotegiaSun, Zone 2-9, 2-3 ft. tall, EASY, Summer/fall. Excellent perennials for late summer/fall color. Their appearance is neat and blooms are much like the snapdragon in the way they cluster up the stem.

97. Rose Pink- SOLD OUT! A nice clear, deep rose color, exceptionally easy to grow, spreading without being invasive. They love full sun, a well drained site and repel deer.

PLATYCODON OR BALLOON FLOWER- Full Sun and Light Shade, Zone 3-8, Summer. Such Platycodoneasy flowers to grow, giving the gardener a lifetime of blooms throughout the height of midsummer.
98. Grandiflora Blue- SOLD OUT! A deep blue color with buds resembling small inflated balloons. They blossom into five pointed star shaped bells. Grow 24" tall.


POLEMONIUM OR JACOBS LADDER- SOLD OUT! Part sun or shade, zones 4-7, Spring. Jacobs LadderOur Jacobs Ladder has been growing happily in our shade garden for over 15 years. It is a testament to its ease of growth. We have not done anything special to it in all those years and yet it rewards us with clear blue flowers and fernlike foliage.

99. Pearl Blue- Azure blue blossoms for the shady side of the garden. Grow to 16". The pretty green alternating leaflets form a ladder-like pattern. Trim them back and they will bloom again later in the season.


PRIMULA OR PRIMROSE- Part Sun or Shade, Zone 5-8, Spring. SOLD OUT! Blooming in early spring with an amazing array of colors, they beckon the beginning of the warm season to come. Grown in shade, they will bloom all summer and into early winter here in the North.

Primrose Rose100. Pacific Giants Mix- Only 8" high, but with huge flower heads. Primrose BlueA fine mix of colors including white, pink, blue, carmine, red, purple, yellow, and white. Although there are many varieties of Primrose available,we find this variety to be the hardiest and most adaptable to a wide range of conditions, (without sacrificing beauty).

101. Blue Shades- These Pacific Giant primroses have been selected for their lovely shades of blue.

102. Rose Shades- An extraordinary selection of deep pink and rose colored Pacific Giant Primroses.

PYRETHRUM OR PAINTED DAISY- Sun, Zone 4-9, Late Spring/Early summer. SOLD OUT! These charming daisies come in cheerful colors of red and pink, bloom early in the season, and do best in a well drained site.Robinson Giantcrimson

103.Robinson Giant Crimson- Selected for its velvety red daisies that bloom the first season above fern-like foliage.

104. Robinson Giants-An antique variety of brilliant 4" daisy flowers in shades of pink to red with a bright yellow center.

RUDBECKIA OR BLACK-EYED SUSANS- Sun, Zone 3-9, EASY, Summer/fall. SOLD OUT! Autumn ColorsThe classic American flower, familiar to all. Beautiful in mass or in small clumps through the garden. Goldsturm

105. Cappuccino- Vivid yellow blooms with mahogany center rings shower the garden with color all season long. Indian Summer

106. Goldsturm- Giant 4" flowers on 2 ft. plants that bloom all season long. Long-lived and hassle-free plants. Favorites for mid to late season color.

107. Indian Summer- Enormous 6-9" yellow semi- double and single blooms on 3' tall plants, yet require no staking. Excellent for cutting.


SALVIA SUPERBA- SOLD OUT! Sun or Light Shade, Zone 4-9, EASY, Early Summer-Summer. These deep blue spikes provide a sweep of blue early in the garden season and continue to do so over a long period. They are hardy, long lived, and very easy to grow.salvia supurba


109. Blue Queen- A part of our garden for many years they reliably produce an intense navy blue color on 11/2 -2 ft. tall plants.


SHASTA DAISY- Sun, Zone 5-8, EASY, Summer SOLD OUT! .These simple and classic daisies fit into everyone's garden. Their big and bold white petals compliment all the other flowers.

Shasta daisy110. Bright Side-NEW!White Knight The tall white oxford daisy with extra large flowers have everything you look for in a flower: beauty, a great cut flower, hummingbirds and butterflies love them, and they are tough!

111. Snow Lady- Blooms four weeks earlier than other Shastas. Forms a compact 10-12" mound that is smothered in blooms all season long.
SIDALCEA OR PRAIRIE MALLOW- Full sun, Zones 5-9, Summer. SOLD OUT! These simple to grow flowers Prairie Mallowresemble miniature hollyhocks. A free flowering incessant bloomer they are a natural cottage garden plant.

112. Party Girl- Small saucer-like blooms in bright shades of pink with white eyes open each morning on slender 2ft stems. Lovely grouped together in the middle of the bed where they will light up the mid summer garden.


STACHYS LANATA- SOLD OUT! Sun, Zone 4-8, Early Summer. lamb's earsThe velvety soft silver leaves create a lush and dreamy backdrop for the vivid colors of the cottage garden. Let them grow here and there, which they do quite easily, thriving in dry conditions. Later the lavender and silver flower buds appear looking like tiny lamb faces.

113. Wooly Lamb's Ears- A bit of rambler yet with the sweetest temperament. Although grown mostly for its foliage, we think the flowers are every bit as nice. And as much as we love the soft texture, the deer feel otherwise about them and avoid them.



THYMUS OR THYME- Sun, Zone 4-8, EASY, Early Summer. SOLD OUT! ThymeThe sweet scented foliage smothered in purple flowers, creeps along the edge of your garden and between stones and walkways.

114. Mother of Thyme- The sweet aromatic leaves form dense mats for the hot dry places along your garden path and banks.


VerbascumVERBASCUM OR PURPLE MULLEIN- SOLD OUT! Full Sun or a Little Shade, Zone 3-9, EASY, Summer. A wonderful family of plants that you will find easy to grow, deer resistant, long lived and beautiful; all the features we need for the cottage garden.


115. Antique Rose- Not only is this variety charming to southern gardeners, we northerners are just as pleased. It is hardy and the elegant 2 ft. tall stalks are covered in antique colored blossoms of creamy yellow, soft lavender and peach rose. Cut it down after bloom and be rewarded with a whole new flush of blooms.



VERONICAVeronica blue- Sun, Zone 4-8, EASY, Summer. SOLD OUT! These genteel plants provide a profusion of blue or pink spikes creating a truly Victorian ambiance in your garden. The blooms make a sweet cut flower.Veronica sightseeing

116. V. spicata 'Sightseeing'- A blend of white, pink, and blue flowers growing to 28" tall. They are very easy to grow.

117. Blue Spires- Like the sightseeing mix but with tall blue spikes of flowers.




VIOLAS OR VIOLETS- Part Sun or Shade, Zone 5-8, EASY, Spring. The mere mention of violets conjures up images of innocent romantic notions from days of old. The sweet faces painted on the petals cheer the heart with hope. Easy to grow in shade or woodland settings and even in part sun.

Purple Rain118. Purple Rain-SOLD OUT! Trailing violets in rich deep purple with black whiskers and blue centers. Flowers can cascade from window boxes and baskets or creep along the garden bed.

119. Penny Lane-Penny LaneSOLD OUT!This hardy little viola has the sweetest mix of colors ranging from the deepest purples to azure blue to orchid frost. The enchanting faces have a touch of whiskers emanating from the center. We filled our window boxes with them and tucked them in the shady spots of the garden.


Gem Antique120.Gem Antique Shades- NEW!SOLD OUT! We love this cold hardy and heat tolerant viola. They produce six inch mounds of antique shades of Apricot, Lavender, and Pink. Mix them in baskets, pots or of course, the garden!





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