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Delphinium Selection

"Flowers are a necessity of life. They keep us sane in hard times."

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"My perennials arrived in fantastic condition yesterday! I love your site and products, and refer a lot of my friends to you! Thanks for more beautiful
additions to my gardens!"

Delphinium Mix

Delphiniums are a magnificent focal point in the cottage garden. Every year we enjoy their regal colors and elegant stature. They come in an array of beautiful colors but are most famous for their astounding blue shades. You can learn more about the growing of Delphiniums by clicking here.

Graceful Gardens offers the most diverse selection of Delphiniums in the country! In fact, we don't know where else you could find so many Delphiniums varieties to choose from. Our full list of Delphiniums is below. Our Delphiniums are grown in packs of four and can cost as little as $1.84 each! You can add as many packs as you like to your annual and perennial trays.


DELPHINIUM BELLADONNA- BellamosumThese original true Delphiniums are the easiest to grow and hardiest of all.They flourish in less than optimal conditions producing single blooms clustered on strong tall stalks of 4-5 ft. They are the first to bloom in our garden. belladonna

Catalog#1.Belladonna- SOLD OUT! Prolific bright sky blue flowers.

2. Bellamosum- SOLD OUT! Large and intense, with deep blue florets.

3. Blue Shadow- SOLD OUT! Fast growing with intense deep violet blue single florets. Stems are strong and sturdy. Grow to 4 ft. Blue Shadow


4. CLEAR SPRING BLUE- SOLD OUT! Clear SpringAn old favorite returns! Bred for stronger stems and a height that falls between the Magic Fountains and Pacific Giants. Closely set florets bloom a bit earlier than the Pacific Giants. These are tireless performers in our garden. Medium blue flowers with a white bee and a long bloom season.

DELPHINIUM CHINENSIS- These delphiniums are known for their shorter growth habit with mounds of blossoms held a short way above the foliage. Prolific blooms through the season making them excellent choice for the front of thesummer colors border or mixed in pots.

5. Summer Nights- SOLD OUT! Lovely midnight blue flowers pack this compact and heavily branched delphinium. Bred for better heat tolerance and long bloom time. The delicate lacy leaves complement the flowers.

6. Summer Color Mix- SOLD OUT! A mix of sky blue, deep blue and white blossoms with the same qualities found in Summer Nights.


Magic Fountain PinkMAGIC FOUNTAINS- Favorites for cutting, they are classic Delphiniums; elegant and dramatic with easy to work with heights of 2 1/2 Ft. or so. The sturdy stalks are packed with double florets. Choose from some wonderful colors.Dark Blue Magic Fountain Sky Blue

7. Dark Blue SOLD OUT! with a dark bee.

8. Lilac Pink SOLD OUT! with a white bee.

9. Sky Blue SOLD OUT! with a white bee.

10. White SOLD OUT! with a pure white bee.

11. Crystal Mix SOLD OUT! - A random mix that may include lilac, pink, sky blue, dark blue, and white all with white bees.

Delphinium Magic Fountain Mix

Pagen PurpleNEW MILLENNIUM- These magnificent delphiniums were developed by the Dowdeswells in New Zealand. Their large flowers are heavily petalled on strong tall stems. They are long lived and have good heat tolerance. Heights range from 4-5 feet.

12. Pagan Purple- SOLD OUT! This beautiful delphinium color is available again. Large florets, often double, have shimmering dark blue and deep purple petal combinations. Occasionally a white can pop up in Royal Aspirationsthis mix. Their strong stems make them easy delphiniums to grow in the garden.

13. Royal Aspirations- SOLD OUT! Bright royal blue florets with a contrasting white bee envelope the tall strong stems.

14.Pink Punch-NEW! SOLD OUT! The deep mulberry pink flowers are loaded on the tall stems. Most are doubles with a little ruffle at the edges. A perfect compliment to the other cool blue and purple delphiniums.

15. Blue Lace- NEW!SOLD OUT! I love these tall sky blue flowers. Each small flower that clings to the stem can have up to 30 petals making them an amazing delphinium. The center bees can be light or dark and some petals can have just a blush of lavender lace



PACIFIC GIANTS- The most amazing of all Delphiniums (and maybe of all perennials)! They require a little more effort as you really should stake them for a spectacular display. The 4 ft. (or more) tall stalks bear 3" double flowers. They are mildew resistant. We offer Black Knightnumerous color possibilities all with a contrasting color bee.Bluejay


16. Astolat - SOLD OUT! Beautiful shades of lilac pink and raspberry rose.

17.Black Knight- SOLD OUT! A stunning dark violet blue.

18.Bluebird- SOLD OUT! A beautiful true clear blue with a white bee.

19.Bluejay- SOLD OUT! A strong clear blue with a violet edge and dark bee.

20.Galahad- SOLD OUT! Pure white blooms.

21. King Arthur- SOLD OUT! A dazzling royal violet with a large white bee.

22. Summer Skies- SOLD OUT! A splendid light blue flower with a white bee.

23.Round Table Mix (aka. Pacific Giant Mix)- SOLD OUT! A random mix of any of the colors above.





Summer Skiesdelphinium bluebirdGalahad King Arthur


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