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"The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers." ~Basho."

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"Wow! I am impressed. These plants arrived so quickly and are just beautiful. It's quite a treat to receive 32 plants for that price ...I was expecting something much smaller"

The Evolution of a Garden










I planted this garden for my friend Jackie in late June in what was truly the worse soil I've ever worked in. It was hard as rock with no organic matter. I wondered what I got myself into but planted anyway and told her to keep on watering and fertilizing.










A few weeks later, the plants filled out and blooms appeared. By early August, Jackie's cottage garden was alive with color! (See right)

I truly believe that flower beds should cater to the whim of the gardener. You should plant what you like, the colors you want and shapes that please you. The bottom line is you have to have plants and lots of them. I remember when I first started gardening. I drove to the garden center and found plenty of gorgeous plants. But it didn't do me much good as I could only afford two plants and two plants do not make a garden! You need visual impact by planting flowers en mass. At Graceful Gardens, we sell plants at wholesale prices for the home gardener. We help you fill your garden with blooms by offering you a tray full of assorted plants at one low price.

Getting started is easy. Fill your "tray" with 8 packs of flowers. You'll get 4 plants in a pack for each variety you choose, for a total of 32 plants in each tray. You can have up to eight different varieties of both annuals or perennials in one tray by mixing and matching. Choose from Delphiniums, Perennials and/or Annuals. Our minimum order is 1 full tray containing 8 packs of plants. Trays are just $64 each. Buy three or more mixed trays, for $59 each and save $15 or more! If you still can't decide what to choose, then try one our collections. These are themed gardens that include an easy to follow planting plan .We'll choose the 8 varieties for you based on the type of garden you desire: Cottage Garden Sampler, Made in the Shade Garden, Cutting Garden, Hummingbird Haven, The Cutting Garden, Farewell My Deer, The Sunny Side of Life, and Pretty in Pots. These gardens are just $74 each. All orders received before March 15, 2009 will receive $5 off their order!

Begin creating your garden! We want you to know that we offer plants that we've tested in our gardens and are easy to grow. Our all time favorites are the Delphiniums. Having learned everything we can about them we've come to find them quite reliable. When we create a garden we always choose some delphiniums. You can learn more about growing delphiniums here.

Add perennials: There are lots of reasons to choose perennials for your garden. They are hardy, adaptable and come back year after year. When you go to our perennials page, you'll find an overwhelming amount of choices. Pick what suits your fancy.

Since perennials tend to have specific bloom times, we like to include annuals as well into the garden. They help fill in the gaps, particularly if you are new to perennial gardening. I like to have strong blooms all season long and annuals are the best way to have constant color. So look through the annuals selection and pick plants for vibrant and persistent color.

Creating a garden means being imaginative. Be brave! As Miss Lippincotts garden catalog said in 1896, "Let us have all the flowers we can possibly afford; they are the veritable smiles of nature." Graceful Gardens will let you do just that. ~Amanda Shenstone

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