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"The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers." ~Basho

We are sold out for the 2009 season! Thank you everyone!

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"Dear Amanda and Mark, Just a short note to say that I have received my current order. The plants were in excellent condition and are very healthy. This is the second year I have ordered from you and I am very happy with the plants I have received. The value is unquestionable and the care you take in shipping is quite apparent. Thank you for these fine plants."

Garden CollectionsWhen you don't know where to begin or are just overwhelmed by the choices, our preplanned collections, each with their own theme, can help you get the effect you are looking for with the least amount of effort. Each collection has 32 plants (includes 8 different varieties) ready to take off in your garden! To make it even easier we will include a plan to help you settle them into their new home and tips on prepping the garden spot. These theme gardens make excellent gifts as well. Our specially created gardens are just $74 each.


To order any collection below just click on the Order Form button on the left and fill out the necessary information.

Esperanza in the Lupines!159. Cottage Garden Sampler- SOLD OUT! We offer eight perennial varieties (4 plants of each variety for a total of 32 plants) that have come to symbolize the essence of the English cottage garden. It is also an excellent choice for beginners as we choose plants that require the least amount of fuss! The collection includes the staples like delphiniums, foxglove, hollyhocks, and lupines. We'll fill the rest of the garden with tried and true favorites. This collection also comes with a general planting plan to assist you in finding the best placement of the plants. Included in this collection will be: Delphinium, Achillea, Hollyhock, Campanula, Dianthus, Digitalis, Echinacea, and Lupines. Specific varieties are based on availability and subject to change.


160. Made in the Shade Garden- SOLD OUT! A perennial garden that can not only handle shade during the peak hours of the day but actually thrives in such conditions. This collection is a selection of easy to grow plants in a variety of heights and colors to brighten up the darker corners of the garden. Our choices have worked well in our shady, western side of the house bed. There are eight varieties for a total of 32 plants along with a planting plan. Included in this collection will be: Alchemilla, Aquilegia, Digitalis, Heuchera, Monarda, Polemonium, Primula and Viola. Specific varieties are based on availability and subject to change.

161. Hummingbird Haven- SOLD OUT! Every year I can hardly wait for the first Hummingbirds to arrive in our garden. We make sure they want to stick around so we grow the flowers that they just can't resist! In this collection we've put together 8 varieties of annual and perennial flowers (for a total of 32 plants) and includes a planting plan. We've seen hummingbirds spend countless hours feeding from blossom to blossom as well as numerous butterflies. Included in this collection will be: Delphinium, Aquilegia, Digitalis, Heuchera Firefly, Lobelia, Lupine, Penstemon, and Cleome. Specific varieties are based on availability and subject to change.


162. The Cutting Garden- SOLD OUT! Nothing cheers and accents the home or expresses love more than a bountiful bouquet of fresh flowers. We will select our 8 favorite varieties (Over 32 plants) for cutting based on longevity in the vase, height, and sheer beauty. It includes annuals and perennials that we use for cutting and a planting plan to help you decide on the best arrangement and will come with a plan. Included in this collection will be: Delphinium, Sweet William, Foxglove, Rudbeckia, Veronica, Cosmos, Scabiosa and Snapdragons. Specific varieties are based on availability and subject to change.





163. Farewell My Deer- SOLD OUT! Once you become a gardener, the sight of a deer is no longer an exciting occasion. Often deer find your garden much tastier than their usual dinner fare. With this collection, we try and make the deer see the error of their ways. We've selected the varieties (32 plants) that we have found the deer would prefer not to touch. Although deer, when desperate enough, will eat anything, we've found our selection are the ones that are usually left behind. Included are 32 plants comprising of 8 varieties with a general plan you can use to help you decide where to plant. Included in this collection will be: Columbine, Dianthus, Foxglove, Lavender, Monarda, Russian Sage, Rudbeckia, and Salvia. Specific varieties are based on availability and subject to change.



164. Sunny Side of Life- SOLD OUT! There are just those places in the garden where the sun always shine and its not always easy to find the plants that can handle the heat of the day. The eight varieties we have chosen meet the challenge of heat and sun with all the fanfare of a cottage garden. Like all our collections you will receive 32 plants and a plan to help assist you with placement. Included in this collection will be: Coreopsis, Echinacea, Gaillardia, Heliopsis, Malva, Poppy, Russian Sage, and Shasta Daisy. Specific varieties are based on availability and subject to change.





165. Pretty in Pots- SOLD OUT! We love to fill our deck with potted plants. Some are in huge pots and some small. You can be creative, as you can see from the picture, using anything you have on hand that can be filled with potting soil. It is relaxing to have your morning coffee surrounded so closely by nature and its beauty. Take a break from your day and be reminded of all that is good with the world. With this collection you'll receive 8 varieties of our best plants for potting up for a total of 32 plants. We don't send a map with this one but some suggestions. They also come with tags that will help you decide which pot to put them in. Included in this collection will be: Dianthus, Lavender, Viola, Heliotrope, Marigold signeta,Nasturtium, Petunia, and Salvia. Specific varieties are based on availability and subject to change.


sidewalk garden






166. Curbside Color Collection- SOLD OUT! This summer we had a chance to tour the local gardens of a quaint neighborhood in Ithaca, NY. The transformation that this neighborhood has gone through in the past decade is amazing. The number of homes that have created gardens between the sidewalk and street over the years is ten-fold. What a delight it is to walk along the sidewalks and be greeted by so much color. Once again, we have 32 plants for you and a plan to go with it to create a garden full of color for you and your neighborhood to enjoy. Included in this collection will be: Achillea, Echinacea, Malva, Monarda, Rudbeckia, Shasta, Cosmos, and Larkspur. Specific varieties are based on availability and subject to change.




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