EMF was founded in 1936 to commercialize a doctoral thesis by Dr. Robley Williams at Cornell University. A partnership with fellow physicist John Ruedy and Joel Ufford, an electrical engineer, was formed and Evaporated Metal Films Corporation began operations.

EMF was the first company in the United States to manufacture evaporated, metallic, thin film coatings. For the next 35 years, under the leadership of Joel Ufford, the company specialized in mirrors, anti-reflection coatings and beamsplitters.

In 1972 ownership transferred to Curtis Ufford, Mike Shay and Floyd Kimple. More coating equipment was added along with multilayer dielectric coatings. A new 44,000 square foot facility was constructed in 1987 to accommodate the growing company.

In 2006 EMF was purchased by Dynasil Corporation of America. Dynasil is a manufacture of photonic products including optical materials, components, coatings and specialized instruments.

Today, a new management team led by Paul M Schulz directs EMF's commitment to the principles of continuous improvement and providing superior customer service. The company provides thin-film coating for a broad range of application markets including display systems, instrumentation, satellite communications and lighting.

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