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Lightlink Internet Email Settings

Coastal Inlet

These are the email settings for all users.

If you are using Lightlink's mail server to receive and download your e-mail, please show these settings to your smartphone provider so they can help you set up your e-mail properly on your phone.

If your e-mail is forwarded to gmail or any other provider, you will need to talk to them for your smartphone settings.

Lightlink User Settings

Assume the following:

Your full name is: Dufus H Goober

Your lightlink e-mail address is

Your e-mail username is goober NOT

Your e-mail password is dog*cat


POP stands for Post Office Protocol.

IMAP stands for Internet Mail Access Protocol.

Which Protocol to Use

Use the POP3 below unless you are using both pc's and smartphones at the same time, then use POP3 on all computers and IMAP on the smartphone ONLY.

NOTE: Our servers only hold mail for 30 days. POP by default allows you to automatically download and store your incoming and sent mail on your computer without having to think about it. POP also allows you to leave your mail on the server so your smartphone can get at it with IMAP. However any mail SENT FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE will be lost forever after 30 days as there is no way for mail sent from your smartphone to be transferred to your laptop. The workaround is to cc: yourself on outgoing emails that you send from your phone so that a copy can be downloaded when you check mail from your laptop.

Lightlink Email Server Settings

Incoming mail server:

POP server: protocol POP3 port 110 *OR*
IMAP server: protocol IMAP port 143

Secure password authentication: OFF

SSL/TLS: yes

Authentication: Normal password or cleartext

Username: goober, NOT

Password: dog*cat

Outgoing mail server:

SMTP server: protocol SMTP port 587


Authentication: Normal password or cleartext

Username: goober, NOT

Password: dog*cat

Thanks for your help,

Homer and Jane