Orient Express Salon Car in S Scale (1/64)

Picture of one of my built-up paper models kits:

The 6 sub-photos were taken with my Nikon CP900s in Macro mode.   Six images (50% overlap) were then stitched with VStitch (Panavue).   Each picture was taken by moving the model into the field of view of the lens, not by rotating the camera on the tripod!  ...therefore minimizing edge-curvature distortion.

 Canadian Hudson 4-6-4  Vancouver, BC

Camera:  Nikon CoolPix 950

What I Do-when I'm not doing anything:

PERCEPTIONS designs, prints, builds, and packages custom paper Pop-Up and Scale Promotional Models to meet client requirements.

My Scale models and Pop-Ups have been used for Trade Show Displays, Trade Show Give-Aways, Sales Demonstrations, Architectural Design Presentations, and Direct Mail Promotions.

My background includes over 25 years experience in Hi-Tech Marketing, Computer-based Graphics Design, and Desk Top Publishing. I have advanced degrees in Engineering and can design models ranging from a simple 3-D logo to a complex jet engine turbine rotor.

I have also developed a line of paper model kits called the Great Trains of the World which is being distributed internationally.  In 1993, my custom designed, Pop-Up of the new San Francisco Center For The Arts was used as an invitation to the grand opening by the S.F. Redevelopment Commission.

Paper Model Kits and Pop-Ups of your product, service, or campaign can even be incorporated into standard brochures, ads, or flyers for a more spectacular and lasting presentation.

Ed Schulman

What I Do-when I am doing something:

          "Technology That Speaks For Itself"

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Ed Schulman
Director of marketing
Eloquent Technology, Inc

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