The Leader in Biological Sensing Systems is pleased to make the following materials available for process testing

Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts from calf feces

• Oocysts are highly viable and supplied with certification as to the percentage of oocysts negative in the DAPI/PI dye permeability test
• Oocysts are not subjected to any caustic chemicals during purification
• Oocysts are available in lots of 1 billion or greater, depending on the needs of the test system. Should you require smaller quantities, for diagnostic purposes, we now offer single dose sizes (< 1 million oocysts)
• Oocysts are collected and purified regularly

Sentinel Chambers™ loaded with 10 million oocysts

• Oocysts are in direct contact with the water or wastewater of interest
• Sentinel Chambers™ allow rapid equilibration with the test system
The large number of oocysts in each chamber makes oocyst recovery easier and less expensive and supplies easily retrievable oocysts for viability or infectivity testing

Sentinel Chambers™ and Cryptosporidium Oocysts
Sentinel Chambers™ are loaded with 10 million Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts and water or wastewater taken directly from the process system to be tested. Fine mesh screens on the ends of the Sentinel Chamber™ hold the oocysts within the chamber and at the same time allow the interior to equilibrate with the surrounding environment. After the Sentinel Chamber™ is in the test environment for the required period, the Sentinel Chamber™ is retrieved, and the oocysts are easily recovered to determine viability or infectivity following disinfection.

One-Step Reduction Assays
The number of oocysts loaded into each Sentinel Chamber™ makes recovery for viability determinations easy and quick to perform. The 10 million oocysts in each chamber allows for the easy assessment of 5 LOG reductions when the entire contents of a chamber are used as the inoculum in infectivity assays.

High Oocyst Viability
The percentage of viable oocysts in each shipment is certified at greater than 90% viability as determined by the DAPI/PI dye exclusion assay.

Oocysts from Feces
The Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts used have received no treatment with harmful chemicals and are wild-type oocysts from the feces of naturally infected calves.

Environmental Exchange
In the Sentinel Chambers™ containing oocysts, the two screens have 5 micron pores. Diffusion through the screens occurs quickly so that the interior of the Sentinel Chamber™ rapidly equilibrates with the surrounding environment. Therefore, the effects of any disinfection treatment on the oocysts in the outside environment are reflected by the effects on the oocysts within the sentinel.
We also supply chambers made entirely of porous stainless steel. Currently available in ranging from 1/4" diameter X 1" long to 1" X 1" cups holding up to 10ml. The oocysts are exposed to the outside environment while remaining safe inside the chamber.

Packaging and Shipment:

Each Sentinel Chamber™ will be loaded with the oocysts within our facilities in Ithaca, NY. The Sentinel Chambers™ can be loaded with oocysts suspended in water supplied by you, in which case we will supply pre-paid shipping containers and instructions. When we receive the samples, we will return the Sentinel Chambers™ to you filled with oocysts and your water via overnight express. If there is no special reason to worry about what kind of water the oocysts are in, delivery can be made within 24 hours.

Price List:
The Sentinel Chamber loaded with the client-supplied water or wastewater:
___Sentinel Chamber™ containing 10 million oocysts
______Orders of 10 to 100
______Orders of more than 100

$254 each
$226 each
$202 each
The Sentinel Chamber loaded with water, sand or digested biosolid:
___Sentinel Chamber containing 10 million oocysts
______Orders of 10 or more

We also have empty chambers.
Please contact us via email or by phone/FAX if you are interested in obtaining empty Sentinel Chambers™.

$205 each
$185 each
Bulk sales of oocysts:
We offer bulk sales of oocysts for studies where it is necessary to spike large systems for viability determinations. These oocysts are supplied with the same viability documentation as those in the Sentinel Chambers™. Each 1 billion Cryptosporidium oocysts are $1,800. Smaller quantities are priced as below:

___10 million oocysts
___100 million oocysts

For non-viable oocysts, we offer Gamma irradiated or Formalin fixed samples at an additional $75. If you have a special interest in testing fixed organisms, we would be happy to work with you and your specified application.


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All Sentinel Chamber™ testing systems come with certificates of viability for the indicator organism and are delivered via overnight express.