The Leader in Biological Sensing Systems is pleased to make the following materials available for process testing

Ascaris suum eggs from pig feces

• Eggs are highly viable and supplied with documentation certifying the percentage of eggs that embryonate in culture
• Eggs have not been subjected to any caustic chemicals during the extraction process
• Can supply orders of 10 million, 100 million or more, depending on the needs of the test system
• Eggs are collected on a regular basis and can be stored in the preservative desired.

Sentinel Chambers™ loaded with 100,000 Ascaris eggs

• Eggs are in direct contact with the wastewater or biosolid of interest
• The Sentinel Chambers™ allow rapid equilibration with the system
The large number of eggs supplied in each chamber makes recovery easier and less expensive
and supplies easily retrievable eggs for viability determinations

The Sentinel Chamber with Ascaris Suum Eggs
Sentinel Chambers™ are loaded with 100,000 Ascaris eggs and wastewater or biosolids taken directly from the treatment plant to be tested. Fine mesh screens on the ends of the Sentinel Chamber™ hold the eggs within the chamber and at the same time allow the interior to equilibrate with the surrounding environment. After the Sentinel Chamber™ is in the test environment for the requested period, the eggs are easily recovered to determine viability following disinfection.

We now offer porous stainless steel Sentinel Chambers
Maximize surface area and equilibrate with the surroundings with our completely porous chambers. Available sizes: 1" X 1" , 1/2" diameter X 1" long, and 1/4" X 1" long (2 micron, 5 micron, 10 micron, or 40 micron). <<Several other sizes available by special order>>

Environmental Exchange
Our basic Sentinel Chamber™ containing Ascaris eggs, has two stainless steel mesh screens with 30 micron pores. Diffusion through the screens occurs quickly so that the interior of the Sentinel Chamber™ rapidly equilibrates witht the surrounding environment. Therefore, the effect of any disinfection treatment on the eggs in the outside environment is reflected by the effects on the eggs within the sentinel.

Eggs from Feces
The Ascaris suum eggs used have received no treatment with harmful chemicals and are recovered from the feces of naturally infected pigs. The number of eggs loaded into each Sentinel Chamber™ makes recovery for viability determination easy and quick to perform using the procedures shipped with the sentinel devices.

High Egg Viability

The percentage of viable eggs in each shipment is certified. Viability is determined by examining eggs that have been placed in culture and allowed to embryonate. A viable egg is an egg that contains a living embryo at the end of the culture process. Typically, greater than 90% of all eggs in the containers are viable.

Durable and Easy to Use
Excelsior Sentinel, Inc. has developed a series of inexpensive containers that makes the recovery of Sentinel Chambers™ from large digester tanks, stabilization ponds, or lagoons relatively easy. The Sentinel Chambers™ are resistent to most environmental extremes and have remained in soils and manure piles for up to six months without any observed detrimental effects on their integrity.

Technical Support
Excelsior Sentinel, Inc. will gladly make available methods for the extraction of eggs and oocysts from the Sentinel Chamber™ and various support matrices. Excelsior Sentinel, Inc. does not perform viability assays on the organisms after field testing. However, we will gladly refer clients to laboratories that perform such tests.

Additional Advantages
• For Process Development, the Sentinel Chamber™ provides an efficient method to test specific disinfection procedures, allowing more tests and results in shorter times.

• The Sentinel Chamber™ can be filled with eggs in wastewater from the specific facility being tested so that environmental conditions unique to that facility are replicated inside the Sentinel Chamber™.

• For testing laboratories, the Sentinel Chamber™ provides significant savings due to the elimination of tedious and expensive processing of large volumes of biosolids in order to recover pathogens for viability determinations.

• The Sentinel Chamber™ provides a source of guaranteed viable eggs on short notice (within 2 days of receipt of wastewater sample). It eliminates the need for collecting and preparing large volumes of wastewater for shipment to the testing laboratory and allows for the testing of specific processes.

Packing and Shipping

Each Sentinel Chamber™ will be loaded with the eggs within our facilities in Ithaca, NY. When the client supplies the biosolid, we will send containers for the biosolid along with shipping instructions, and the loaded Sentinel Chambers™ will be returned to the client within two days by overnight express. If the client prefers to purchase the Sentinel Chamber™ containing pathogens in water, sand, or anaerobically digested biosolids, delivery can be made within 24 hours.

Price List:
The Sentinel Chamber loaded with the wastewater or biosolid of interest:
___Sentinel Chamber™ containing 100,000 Ascaris eggs
______Orders of 10 to 100
______Orders of more than 100

$254 each
$226 each
$202 each
The Sentinel Chamber loaded with water, sand or digested biosolid:
___Sentinel Chamber containing 10 million oocysts
______Orders of 10 or more

$205 each
$185 each

Bulk sales of eggs and oocysts
We offer bulk quantities of eggs for studies where it is necessary to spike large systems for viability determinations. These eggs are supplied with the same viability documentation as the eggs used in the Sentinel Chambers™.
Ascaris eggs (each 10 million eggs)...................................................$1180.00
___Prices for larger or smaller numbers of eggs are available upon request.

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All Sentinel Chamber™ testing systems come with certificates of viability for the indicator organism and are delivered via overnight express.