Excelsior Sentinel, Inc. is the leading distributor of Sentinel Chambers™ for determining the effect of treatments and ecological changes on living biological indicator organisms. The chambers are supplied with the organism and media of interest. Once placed in the test environment, the specialized chambers quickly equilibrate with the surrounding environment. Following appropriate periods of exposure to the environment, the small chambers are easily recovered and the indicator organisms extracted and examined to determine viability.

The Sentinel Chamber™ testing system is specially designed to monitor the efficiency of water and wastewater treatment methods on potential pathogenic organisms; monitor the efficiency of disinfection procedures used in food processing against potential pathogens; and monitor the effect of environmental perturbations on normal soil or aquatic organisms.

A typical application of Excelsior Sentinel systems is assessing the disinfection efficiency of a particular wastewater treatment process for the destruction of parasite eggs.

Sentinel Chambers™, loaded with Ascaris suum eggs and the biosolid of interest, are placed within the sewage being processed and subjected with the surrounding biosolids to the treatment. After the treatment process, the Sentinel Chambers™ are recovered and the Ascaris suum eggs are extracted. A qualified laboratory examines the eggs to determine if they are still viable after exposure to the treatment process. For wastewater applications, the sentinel chambers are routinely supplied with Ascaris suum eggs in water, anaerobically digested municipal biosolids, sand, or biosolids provided by the users. Thus, the Sentinel Chamber™ system can be tailored to the specific process and biosolid of interest.

The experts at Excelsior Sentinel, Inc. will work with you to determine the best type of Sentinel ChamberSS and indicator organisms that will meet your environmental monitoring needs. Excelsior Sentinel, Inc. does not offer post-treatment examination of chamber material for viability assessment, but will provide technical support on organism extraction methods to the users and testing laboratories selected by the users.

All Sentinel Chamber testing systems come with certificates of viability for the indicator organism and are delivered via overnight express.