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Songs of the Universe

The song of Earth is sad and sweet
Filling us all with its rythmic beat
Touching the souls of some
While others merely sense its drum.

The Earthsong fills the soil and stones
It resonates within our bones.

The Sea has songs both sweet and strong
The current carries them along

The song of fire is willful and wild
I wonder if it's freedom's child.

But the song of air is light and free
Filling the heart with rhapsody.

And then I hear the song of space
Far out in some exotic place
And time ticks out its measured beats
Surely there's somewhere where all this meets.

The rythmic song of my heart grows old
Soon my body will grow cold
Space and Earth, time, fire and seas
Will I merge with all these melodies?

Or is there a song expressing me?
My own orchestra and symphony?
Blending my essence into infinity
With thee, and thee, and thee and thee?

    Enid Vien