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If there is a place in your neighborhood to hang a poster please print and post any of the posters that are linked below.
Thank you for helping

The links on this page lead to individual pages that are composed correctly to print on any laser or inkjet printer. To print a poster simply hit the print button while you are viewing it in Netscape, Microsoft Explorer or AOL Browser.

These posters need the date written in with a marker.
Scipio Track Generic Poster
Savannah Track Generic Poster
Starlite Speedway in Trumansburg

Printable Website Cards

Approximate business card size Outlaw Pak Website card in Acrobat PDF format. Will print a letter size sheet of ten cards with trim marks. Will print with red and black logo on color printer or as black and white on a black only printer. The printed sheet is suitable to copy on card stock.
Hint: For an accurate print size be sure to uncheck [] Fit to page or [] Shrink oversized pages to paper size in the Acrobat initial print screen.



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