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The links below are intended to be for the information and benefit of our members, fans and those interested in the sport of lawnmower racing. The final decision as to the appropriatness of a specific link will be made by the webmaster and the officers and members of the Outlaw Pak Club.

Others are encouraged to place a link to this page within their own pages. Click for instructions to link to us. If you would like your lawnmower racing page listed here send link info to webmaster@dagra.com
We request that you add our link to your page in exchange for your link here, after all publicity is what it's all about.

Links to Lawnmower Racing Websites

Starlite Speedway Trumansburg, New York
Lawn Mowers, Microds, Go-Karts, Yard Karts, Microsprints, Slingshots.

www.letsmow.com U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association Official Web Site.

www.briggsracing.com Briggs & Stratton Motorsports - Racing with Briggs motors, mostly Go-Carts but has links to performance tips.

dmoz.org/Sports/Motorsports/Lawn_Mower_Racing Open Directory - A links page to more lawnmower racing pages.

www.edrcreations.com/widowmakers/intro.html Widowmakers - Snowmobile racing in the 60's & 70's (Ev Regal)
Although this link is not a lawnmower page it is dear to my heart as I was a Snomobile Racer many years ago and know these people well.



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