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In 1949 the Warren family moved from Natural Bridge, New York to Ithaca so that Ernest Warren, father of David here, could teach at the Cornell Law School, and so that his children could get twenty years of free tuition.

David grew up at Edgewood Place, attended the East Hill neighborhood school, now a condominium, then downtown high school, later converted to the present boutique mall, radited from the present High School which was build during his father's administration as Chairman of the Board of Education, and then he started Cornell , now a major tourist destination, before he ever left home.... except for summers in the North Country which, in essence, the family had never left.

In liberal arts at Cornell, David majored in looking for a major and eventually learned to succeed in school, to read like a fish, to think like a vacuum trap, and to write about any subject he knew very little about.

He early on attempted to gain some worldliness by working as a gandi dancer on the Alaska Railroad. He did a fifth undergraduate year, inserted between his sophmore year at Cornell and is junior and senior years there, studying in Vienna, where he met and traveled with the writer John Irving. To this day, David is best known to many people, as that friend of John Irving.

They played at becomming writers and both went on to get M.F.A. s in writing, David's being the first ever granted by Cornell. He would hav gone to Iowa State for that, where John I had been acccepted, but he was given a merely provisional acceptance, on account of having been - no offense inteed- labled a "romantic" by Baxter Hathaway, the great Cornell teacher who was always David's supporter, befoere and after, and who approved morever of David's romantic attachment to labor. David is not sure though if Baxter would approve of this use of the third person.

Upon being granted his M.F.A., David spent an adventurous year at the University of Puerto Rico, He returned to Ithaca then, worked in a leather shop for two days, and then taught writing at Cornell for two years.

During the sixties (which occurred In Ithaca during the seventies) he moved out onto to the land a few miles from town and majored in foraging wild edibles, with minors in gardening and cooking, but also wrote semi-automatic fiction at night, and some days walked, and Volkswagoned to Ithaca where he worked as a handyman, particularly for Baxter Hathaway, who had retired from teaching to start the Ithaca House press, where David was the handyman and which published two of his weird little novels.

David was married for a very short time to Kristal Forest, a California girl with whom he collided in Vienna and for a few years after, and has been a father since back then to Mnetha: now an independant artists (whose work you will discover at Edgewood Place and on the Winged Chair pages of this site)and father as well to Misti's Tarka, now an graduate in Geology at Cornell Both children were encouraged to draw, to hammer, to saw, and to climb on roofs.

After years as a mostly lone wolf contractor, thiis David cofounded a remodeling, repair, renovation, and building business, named "Natural Bone", after the fictional version of his home town. Following years of crawling over other people's houses, he has edited the building and writing business down to this site and this one house, which he hates to leave in the morning, unless it is on his bicycle, over the river, and into the woods.


After studies at Cornell and F.I.T. in New York, Misti Wilcox lived with Chinese and British families in Brazil and England, then traveled as a model and photographic assistant in Europe and South America. She lived for ten years in Brazil and Venezuela hostessing World Wildlife Fund and World Bank events at a jungle mountain home and on expeditions into the interior. Traveling to the Yanonami of Brazil , she collected for a non-profit native arts and crafts gallery which she helped found in Rio.

Her professional cooking has also included being the cook and provisioner on a yacht representing Venezuela in a race from South America to England. She catered Sunday Shoots in Scotland. In Ithaca she been everything from a gallery slave to an art curator. She is a fabric specialist, and has designed our interiors. She is still a frequent flyer, but raising a child has kept her settled in Ithaca where she is a member of the parks comission, and is famous for her gardens, her very sharp senses, her biscotti, and her son Tarka, who a student at Cornell.

Deerdra and Friend
Frank and Rowena around 1906. They never should have left.