Cascadilla and other gorges
Edgewood Home Our house is built on a former river delta : one of a series left hanging down along Cascadilla Gorge when the recent glacier retreated, when the lake behind it began dropping, and the creek began to gorge through the bedrock.

You can walk across the Stewart Ave bridge and down along the North rim of the gorge through Cascadilla Park and then take the trail which Cornell maintains all the way to Collegetown.

Up until the late nineteenth century, long after the Cayuga no longer had a reservation anywhere around here, a band of them commonly spent the winters, as occasionally now does a deer herd, up in the ampitheatre of Vanetta's Falls in the Six Mile Creek gorge, just up Six mile creek gorge from downtown Ithaca, and ot far from here. You can walk rim trails of most of the gorges in any season, but the in gorge trail itself is is closed in winter, due to the ice. The gorges are also closed after sundown because when the temperature drops, the loose slate and shale contracts, and rocks will drop.

Our Tmpkins County has dozens of gorges, some of which you can visit in winter, and several in state parks (Taughanock, Treman, Buttermilk)which allow camping and swimming in designated areas.

A Sycamore wading in Six Mile Creek
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