Here below is the text, the test, and the results of my formal watergarden education at East Hill School. I got a little confused during the test and it seems that the agenda was not so much to teach water gardening techniques, as something else, maybe reading or general organizing skills, at which I am still slow. Read this:
But despite that and the fact that the proceedures dubious and sketchy, the illustratin caught my interest. this was not particularly because of the lillys, which grew massively around our boathouse up north and still do, but because of the water, which boys, especially boys in a gorge town, will work obsessively to impound. People were beavers before they were monkeys. Beavers will incorporate about anything into a dam, including iron rebar and sewer pipe, but they have the good instincts to pack the joints with mud and clay, rather than sand, which will only strain the water slightly.
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