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The CRS Barn Studio

Let us help you with your next recording project! Come record in a beautifully live space - ideal for vocalists and all types of acoustic musicians. We are also available for location and video recording. We record multitrack sessions, allowing enhanced flexibilty for editing and balance in the final mastering process. Session rates begin at $50/hour. Bring your own equipment or recording engineer - let us know how we can help make your project a success. We can also assist you in finding session musicians, graphic artists and photographers to complete your project.

Clients and projects include:



CRS BarnCRS Barn



About the space:

Building footprint: 40 x 60

Studio: central clear space 24 x 60, 12' ceiling

Restrooms: one accessible restroom on the studio level, second restroom downstairs (non-accessible)

Pianos -studio level: Steinway L (circa 1967), Hazelton 6' grand (1885)

Pianos - barn level: Chickering Concert Grand 7'8" (1903), Behr Brothers Baby Grand, Packard 6' (circa 1902, restoration in progress)