The St. Patrick's Four Citizens' Tribunal on Iraq 6-DVD set is now shipping.

The Saint Patrick's Four

Two days before the invasion of Iraq, four Catholic Workers from Ithaca (NY), in an act of non-violent civil resistance, entered a military recruiting center and carefully poured their own blood around the vestibule. The four, all parents, were tried in Tompkins County Court in April 2004 on charges of criminal mischief. Nine of the twelve jurors voted to acquit.

However, almost a year later, the US government decided to retry the four on charges of conspiracy.

Citizens' Tribunal On Iraq

"We, the members of the St. Patrick's Four Support Team, have invited expert witnesses to provide, in a public court, the testimony that shall affirm the legal right to resist nonviolently this criminal act of pre-emptive aggression."

Each evening during the 5-day trial of the St. Patrick's Four, hundreds of supporters came out to hear the Voices of Faith, the Voices of Diplomacy, the Voices of Victims, the Voices of Justice, and the Voices of Soldiers speak to publicly defend the actions of the St. Patrick's Four.

St. Patrick's Four Citizens' Tribunal on Iraq 6 DVD set
A project of Binghamton Indymedia and Cris McConkey Productions
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This 6-DVD set contains nearly 15 hours of video and includes powerful testimonials from: Liz McAllister, Ray McGovern, Ann Wright, Michael Meacher, Kathy Kelly, Mary Anne Grady Flores, Medea Benjamin, Scott Horton, John Bonifaz, Bill Quigley, Jimmy Massey and many others.

Additionally, this set is loaded with supplemental material, including interviews, press conferences, street scenes outside the courthouse, musical performances, trial transcripts, letters, newspaper articles and a snapshot of the St. Patrick's Four web site for archival, research and educational purposes.

The set includes a 16-page booklet, printed on archival paper, which gives details on each speaker and the supplementary material included Click here to see an html rendition of the booklet's contents