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Subject: SYSTEM: System Wide Bulletin Mailing Lists
                                            ART MATRIX - LIGHTLINK
                                            PO 880 Ithaca, NY 14851-0880
                                            (607) 277-0959      Voice
                                            (607) 277-8913      Fax
                                            (607) 277-5026      Modems
                                            05/20/02 2:26pm

     Welcome to Lightlink.

     All new users are automatically subscribed to two one-way mailing
lists which will bring you information about the system and periodic
rants from myself, the owner, concerning issues of importance to the
system or myself.

     One-way means only I can post to these lists, so you won't get
flooded by postings from other users.
     These two lists are a service that I offer to our subscribers,
however any user is welcome to ask to be removed from either of the
two lists.

     The first list is SWEM-L (System Wide Emergency and Maintenance

     This list will bring you advance notice of system downs, repairs,
upgrades, and other issues critical to the well being of the system
and its users.  It may or may not bring you information about viral
infections.  It may also bring you periodic rants on issues of
importance to Lightlink and our users as lightlink customers.
     Scheduled downs usually happen on Saturday at 6pm, or sometimes
earlier in the afternoon, so notices will be sent on the prior
Thursday or Friday.

     Emergency downs or outright failures of the system are usually
discussed after the down is over, so those postings will be sent after
the event.
     Postings to the SWEM-L list generally contain a short synopsis of
the event and then a more detailed technical description for those
that want to read it.
     Since we don't go down a lot, there generally isn't a lot of
traffic on the SWEM-L list.

     The second list is SW-L (System Wide List).

     Historically from the start of Lightlink I have maintained a good
communication line to our subscriber base giving them a clear idea of
where I am coming from as a person and as an ISP.
     I figure if our users want me to be responsible for their e-mail,
they probably want to know what I think about various things.
     This was and is a bit much for some of our subscribers, so we
created the SWEM-L list described above so that our users could remain
apprised of system downs and issues critical to their account, but not
have to suffer my more off topic rants.
     So SW-L will bring you personal rants and opinion pieces, usually
written by myself, concerning the political, moral, technological,
religious and spiritual issues affecting the internet and ISP's, and
may include issues of personal importance to myself.

     The purpose of this list is not to force my views on anyone,
heaven forbid no.  If everyone believed what I believed, I would
probably change my mind.
     The purpose is to keep everyone apprised of where I am coming
from and more importantly, to find out for myself where everyone else
is coming from.
     Feedback and comments are always welcome and solicited,
particularly negative feedback.  I already know the opinions of those
that agree with me, so if something I write irks you or annoys you in
some way, don't keep it in, let me know about it.
     I may or may not change my evil ways, you never know.

     Both lists are permanently archived at

     Users may repost or share the material from either list as they
see fit.

     Homer Wilson Smith
     Jane Elizabeth Staller
     Lightlink Internet