For example:

From: Homer Wilson Smith <>
To: System Wide Bulletins <>
Subject: How to stop spam bounces


     There are very few spammers left in the world, living beings,
most of them are in jail enjoying their penis enlargers, but they have
left behind them about 30 million infected machines that do their
zombie work for them.

     Zombie machines never send FROM their own e-mail address but send
FROM random addresses taken from the infected machine's address books.
They then send TO millions of names that no longer exist (they are
zombies, what can you expect), which then bounce back to the poor
person whose name was chosen from the infected machine's address book
who probably does exist.

     That person then gets THOUSANDS of bounces from MAILER-DAEMON
saying their mail hasn't been delivered.  Well they never sent it, and
so its all just a huge waste of time.

     There is no way to stop infected machines from using your e-mail
address to send e-mail, but there is a way for you to stop getting
those thousands of MAILER-DAEMON bounces.  These usually occur with
people who own virtual domains, such as

     The infected machines will send from,, etc, to endless numbers of people at aol and

     When the bounces come back they come to and, even though there are no such users at  However the domain mail forwarding file
is set up with a 'catch all', meaning any mail coming into that is to an unknown user goes to the administrator.
Thus the admin gets swamped with false return messages.

     Catch all addresses used to be cool back before idiots got on the
net, but they now cause two problems, the first is discussed above.
The second is that when a spammer sends mail to
and finds that it is accepted rather than bounced with an unknown user
error, becomes recorded as a valid user and is
then shared with other spammers who also send mail to

     This exponentially increases the flow of spam into the catch all
account over time and thus the administrator's mailbox.

     The only answer to both of the above problems is to get rid of
the catch all account.


     If you own a domain name hosted by lightlink, go to our home page
and follow the instructions. -> USER AREA -> sign on with your domain
name and master password -> DOMAIN MAIL FORWARDING -> click on the
domain in question, and it will present you with your forwarding file.

     If your forwarding file has only one line that looks like this,

     then that IS the catch all and needs to be changed to something
more reasonable.  Erase the line, and add in entries for those exact
addresses you wish to receive mail for.

     Then hit submit and the changes will take place WITHIN THE HOUR.

     If your domain forwarding file already has lines in it, but
includes the catch all:

     then delete the catch all line and save your work.

     There are extensive instructions for how to take best advantage
of your domain mail forwarding on that web page.  Reading is good for
the soul, but not endless MAILER-DAEMON messages!


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