Advanced Counseling Services delivers Third Echelon Clearing (TEC), and "ACCESS" through advanced and expanded enhancement techniques for the Creative Individual, the Artist, the Manager and the Executive who has already achieved traumatic incident reduction (TIR) or engram handling, clearing and advanced abilities through earlier studies and practices.

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About LaMont Johnson, Clearing Practitioner

LaMont Johnson began a long and distinguished career encompassing some thirty-three years to date as a Clearing Consultant and Case Supervisory Programmer beginning in 1964 as a trainee at a Church Organization in his home of New York City. Having graduated from the various academy levels dealing with Traumatic Incident Reduction (including Past Life Regression, Reverie and Reduction), and progressing through disciplines dealing with Communication and communicating skills, Problems and Life Blocks, Involuntarily Withheld Data, Secrets and Revelations, Life Upsets and Goal Failure, Rationalizations and Fixed Ideas, The Achievement of Personal Power for Self, Reconciliation of Major Life Blocks with People, Places and Things, Automatic Dramatizations, Counter-Programming, and Life Clearing. In these training levels, LaMont interned under expert supervisors and achieved lasting results for an unprecedented 96.8% of those cases in his charge, including several cases deemed "irreparable" by other couselors and supervisors. He was awarded the status of "Kha Khan" and "Gold Star" for his demonstrated counseling skills.
He opened or officiated at the opening of many Missions of that Church, was the first individual assigned to the responsibility of establishing a specific mission of this Church dedicated to Celebrated Personalities, for which he paid the first and last months rent, in order to secure the lease out of his own student pocket. He opened the Mission of Fullerton, California, with later became the Mission of Riverside, California, which at one point in time was the largest mission of this Church in the World. He opened and operated the Mission of Hollywood. Then went on to establish the Counseling Group of San Diego, which he operated until his Church called for him to assist in a mass dissemination project in Miami, and later, due to "ethical difficulties" of the church administration, he was requested to travel to Washington, DC to assist in a defense strategy.
Questioning the practices of the church, LaMont Johnson and this group parted in 1981.
LaMont delivered literally hundreds of evangelistic sermons and concerts for this church, from the period of 1964 through 1981, accounting for thousands of new adherents on the North American continent and the European continent. At one massive rally in a park in Hollywood, more than 2,000 showed up for a concert and lecture by this dynamic speaker. In 1974, he traveled around the country at his own expense giving lectures, concerts and Upset Review counseling in all the major delivery centers of this so-called church, at his own expense. Year after year, this so-called church group requested that LaMont perform and lecture at their major facilities in Florida as well as produce Holiday extravaganzas and major productions between 1976 and 1980, although he had no staff contract, and did so as a volunteer, usually at his own expense.
In late 1984, after exhaustive study and internship with a Free Zone organization in Riverside, California, LaMont opened the doors to The Church of Spiritual Enlightenment, Advanced Counseling Services, Inc. (a California Non-Profit Corporation) in Garden Grove, California. ACS has been in continuous operation since that date, delivering religious and philosophic counseling in the below listed aresa:
He has assisted more than ten barren couples to conceive and bring forth healthy babies through his religious and philosophic counseling, as one example of the application of his skills and abilities to the betterment of his fellow man and woman.
In 1991 he reduced the size of his organization in order to spread his time more equitably to a music and entertainment career which he had woefully neglected due to his enthusiastic support of the so-called church with which he had been affiliated. With his music and entertainment career back on track, LaMont chose to assist his fellow man on a one-on-one basis, and brought about the establishment of this web site for those who would solo or co-counsel on specific skills above the States Of Upper Abilities 7, through the vehicles of TEC (Third Echelon Clearing) and ACCESS, utilizing the procedures, programs he has devised, and where required and advised personal One-on-One counseling and or Case Supervisory Programming for the benefit of Self, Co-Counselor, Mankind, Life and Universe.

Welcome to ACS, and you have my very best wishes for

All The Success, Happiness and Prosperity You Are Willing to Create for Self.

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A Word on One-On-One Counseling and Requested Donations

There is a very workable rule that is apparent in the physical universe, for those who would simply look.

That rule could be stated as simply as, "Give and You Shall Receive".

In viewing these pages, LaMont Johnson and ACS are giving valuable service to you.

Those availing themselves of the material on this web site who find that it brings them a better understanding of Self, Life and/or Universe are requested to make an honest and ethically commensurate donation, payable to "ACS", at the following address:

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We would also truly appreciate an open and honest Success Story of your achievement through the application of the material you find on these pages. If you wish to remain "Anonymous", we'll be happy to meet that requirement.

"The river of light" as one dear friend calls the Internet-World Wide Web presents an immediate solution, and one I gladly leap into with both feet. You, who have achieved the heights but yet yearn for that "extra" ability - You, who desires to expand senses and skills you know you have and which are labeled "para-normal" - You, who feels the need to flex your spiritual "muscle", I offer you, ADVANCED COUNSELING SERVICES' ACCESS !

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