About Carolyn

  301 E. State St.
  Ithaca, NY 14850
  Phone: 607-330-5202
  Res: 607-272-5466
  Fax: 607-272-4906


What Her Clients Say

"Carolyn is an awesome Real Estate Professional. She knows the market, the buyers and the sellers. She knows when to push, when to hold hands, and when to listen. She truly is the Real Estate Matchmaker!"

"...tremendously helpful, upbeat, knowledgeable & friendly! I [...] felt empowered having her on my side."

"[She] gave me guidance on ... a variety of other considerations as only an experienced professional could."

"I'll certainly go to her again!"

"Even though I was buying a modest house and Carolyn stood to make only a modest commission compared to some of the expensive sales she might normally make, she treated me as if my business was important to her, offering me her full attention and range of skills. Her equinimity and kindness impressed me, not to mention her experience and confidence. Each time I am asked by others to recommend a realtor I recommend Carolyn."