About Us

Who We Are

Here at Bakers Acres we pride ourselves on providing professional advice and quality customer service. Here are just a few of our friendly and helpful team members! If you see them walking around Bakers Acres be sure to stop them and hello.

Reenie Sandsted

When mom decided to start Bakers Acres in 1980, I was in Tennessee working in a wholesale greenhouse. She asked me to come home and help her with her retirement project, and I, looking for a new adventure, agreed. Upon my return, I landed a job at Boyce Thompson Institute in the greenhouses and worked for mom in the evenings and weekends. Eventually, I left Boyce Thompson and made Bakers Acres my career. Horticulture has become my life's work and passion, and I have carried my knowledge overseas to Haiti where I am working on a reforestation project. I am truly convinced that there is no better career for me.

Cathy Kessler

I came to Bakers Acres in 1981. When I first started, I spent my days working in the gardens. Eventually I moved into groundcover department, then over to the herbs, and finally to the perennials. Though my area of focus has shifted over the years, I still have my hands in all of the departments and I am proud to now be an owner of Bakers' Acres. What I love most is showing people how to create their own gardens and educating people about how each perennial or herb grows. I began to love this part of my job so much that in 1986 my husband and I started a small landscape business called Kessler's Landscaping. When I am not busy in either business I have five wonderful grandchildren to occupy the extra time.

Doug Reynolds

I have been working at Bakers' Acres for 12 years. When I first came, I worked in the Perennial Department. Then I was promoted to the head of the Tree and Shrub Dept. and I have been there ever since. I am also in charge of the apple orchard which means over seeing the pest control and apple picking. For years I trimmed the trees in the winter with Mr. Baker, but I gladly gave up the job to Woody Kessler. I guess the most important job that I hold here is the "Token Male".