The term BLIMP is British slang of unknown origin...

The Hindenburg

Probably the most famous Blimp was the Hindenburg, a German dirigible used for transatlantic passenger service and filled with Hydrogen which is HIGHLY flamable. The Hindenburg burst into flames over Lakehurst N.J in 1937 putting an end to balloons being used for comercial flight.

Helium is Non-flamable

The History of Blimps

The first nonriged airships were built by the French in 1852 and powered by steam engines, in 1883 Albert and Gaston Tissandier built a blimp using battery powered electric motor, at the turn of the century, Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont began using gasoline powered engines

Our balloons have no engines!

In world war 2, the United States was the only military service to use airships. Blimps were used for minesweeping and antisubmarine patrols, more than 150 blimps were in military service!! The K-type blimp had a top speed of 50 mph and could stay in the air for about 60 hours.

Our ballons have NEVER been used for military purposes!


You may all be familiar with the Goodyear blimp which was first built in 1919 and named The Pony. In 1923 Goodyear added the Pilgrim, and after 1928 expanded the fleet, with the Puritan, Volunteer, Mayflower, Vigilant, Defender, Reliance, Resolute, Ent erprise, and Columbia. You all know that they were used for advertising all over the United States but did you know that during world war 2 they were used for U.S. Navy reconnaissance??? Goodyear no longer produces Blimps.....

We get new ballons every day!!!!

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